March Madness: On The Road With StorySalon

The last few months have been incredibly productive for our the StorySalon team here at DoubleDutch. For those of you unfamiliar with StorySalon, it is our innovative event series that fuses digital and physical realms to create an environment where authenticity is the foundation upon which meaningful conversations and connections are built.

Aligning Conference Registration With Your Optimal Event Experience

23 April, 2019
Registration is the first real introduction attendees have to your event. A smooth and efficient registration process builds the foundation for a positive event experience, but a poor experience can often lead to a negative first impression, sour attendees' expectations, and ultimately impact ticket sales.

DoubleDutch Opens Up to Best-in-Class Partners Glisser and Boomset

21 March, 2019
Welcome, Glisser! Welcome, Boomset! This week DoubleDutch announced two new ecosystem partners with native integrations into the DoubleDutch Platform.

4 Ideas for Creating Social Media Buzz Before Your Event

6 March, 2019
Event marketing gives businesses the opportunity to build strong, long-term relationships with communities, consumers, and lifelong customers. 79% of U.S. marketers say that they use events to generate sales, and 21 to 33% of business marketing spend is going towards events.

StorySalon London: Our Best One Yet

28 February, 2019
When we were planning our event schedule, the team knew we wanted to debut a StorySalon event in Europe, and there was no better place to start than London, UK. So, how did it go? In one word – BRILLIANT!

The Key to Event ROI: Keep Attendees Engaged Post-Event

27 February, 2019
You’ve spent months planning your event. The day arrives, and everything goes as planned. Better yet, your attendees genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves and you added a bunch of new leads to your funnel. Don’t let the momentum stop there. You have a unique opportunity to nurture your attendees after your eve[…]

20+ Ways to Use QR Codes at Events

20 February, 2019
QR codes are one of the most underrated event marketing channels. When used strategically, QR codes enable better engagement at events. They allow attendees to connect, exhibitors to add interactivity to their booths and demonstrations, and speakers to collect leads among so many other use cases.