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20+ Ways to Use QR Codes at Events

QR codes are one of the most underrated event marketing channels. When used strategically, QR codes enable better engagement at events. They allow attendees to connect, exhibitors to add interactivity to their booths and demonstrations, and speakers to collect leads among so many other use cases.

There are a variety of ways you can strategically use QR codes at your events.  They can be used for gamification and activity facilitation, networking, distributing content, and solving logistical problems.

We’ve also included a key for whether DoubleDutch supports that use of QR codes in our current features.

Anything in the below guide with a checkmark (✓) next to it can be done with DoubleDutch’s current product capabilities, and we’re always willing to scope new future feature development with our customers! Let’s dig in.

Gamification and facilitating activities

One of the trendiest and most effective use cases for QR codes is for gamification.  QR codes are so effective because they blend the digital and face-to-face experiences for attendees and boost engagement in-app.  Attendees who are engaged with event technology should be encouraged to also engage with the physical space, and people around them.

Set up an Exhibitor QR Hunt

Pre-set categories and provide attendees a list of exhibitors to visit, upon completion of the QR hunt award a prize to the first to finish in the form of swag or exclusive experiences.

Team QR Hunt

Assign attendees a group and as a group have them complete the QR Hunt. In order for the group to check-off an exhibitor, they all must scan the code instead of on an individual basis. This can also creatively be used for a “Road Rules” style game where you send teams on missions around your venue.

Create a Treasure Hunt

Set-up QR codes around your venue that deliver clues about where attendees can find the “treasure” -- it can be swag, or maybe a secret happy hour location, get creative!  

Launch an “Egg Hunt”

Hide QR codes around your venue, really hide them well. See who can find the most hidden QR codes and award prizes to those in first, second third place. You can use the same setup as QR Hunt, and at the end of your event ask attendees to answer a survey with a tally of their total codes found-- identify top performers & award prizes.

Play a Happy Hour Game

At DoubleDutch we’ve developed an “assassins” style happy hour game, where attendees set up a way that they can be tagged out (maybe someone hands them a drink, or gets them to say a specific code word). Throughout happy hour everyone is given a “target” to take out of the game. Once someone is tagged out their QR code is scanned, and the “assassin” moves on to their next target. It gets incredibly competitive and fun as people start to get into the game.


Example: Digital Business Cards in DoubleDutch

Networking & making business connections

QR codes aid in connecting people, and giving attendees an interactive way of keeping track of relationships they’ve built throughout an event.  It’s important to remember that QR codes shouldn’t get in the way of, or replace, human interaction but instead it should be used to facilitate interaction.

Use In Presentations

Speakers can use a personal QR code at the end of their presentation decks so the audience can easily find them and connect. This helps the audience ask questions that weren’t covered, and helps the speaker identify audience members that may want to engage with their brand or organization further.

Use for Exhibitor Offers 

Exhibitors may choose to use QR codes to deliver certain offers.   Exhibitors can create their own materials to be delivered with that QR offer, and because scans are easily trackable they can see which offers performed better than others.


Use to inspire lasting connections

Sometimes it takes a little coaxing to get people out of their shell, and talking to one another. An event app is a perfect place to inspire face-to-face interactions.

Here are some ways to spark conversation, and help people connect with others at your event:

Lead Scanning

Ensure that your app has QR scanning capability to collect personal leads, we call these Digital Business Cards -- this helps attendees connect quickly in the fleeting minutes between sessions and seminars.

“Meet Someone New” on the Hour ✓

Create hourly push notifications that encourage attendees to go scan a stranger’s QR code, include a conversation-starting question in the sponsored post to make it less awkward to kick off a conversation. We also have a feature built to allow you to to do this more effectively called “Magic Hour.” 

Uncover a Secret Message by Connecting with Others

Create a “secret message” section that includes just a QR code.  This will inspire attendees to help each other out by allowing one other to scan the code and find the secret message. The message might include the location to a happy hour or location of a limited time offer. This can be made even more effective if the secret message changes throughout the event.

Launch a “Mystery Question” Happy Hour

Launch a networking game with QR scanning - put QR codes on the bottom of all cups at your happy hour, each QR code can have unique questions to spark conversation and get people talking.

Content Distribution

Send Information via SMS

Use a QR codes to allow attendees to send themselves information via SMS message. For example, if you are having an offsite dinner after the event, you can have a QR code at the door where attendees can scan and have the location, and venue information sent to them quickly to reference on the go.

Skip Printed Agendas and Brochures

Use QR codes as an alternative to printed agendas, brochures and programs.

When attendees scan the QR code, allow them to download the digital assets they need right to their mobile device. Everything is in the app agenda, but this gives an outlet for other content such as sponsor ads and content that is easier to digest in PDF format.

Download Additional Content

Allow attendees to download additional content, slide decks, or assets with a QR code scan from a presentation or exhibitor booth.  

Download Product Coupons From an Exhibitor Booth

Offer coupons for products, services, next event tickets, etc from QR codes. Easily track interest in different products and services around your venue.

Launch AR or VR from a QR Code

Create an immersive experience area at your venue.  Include a QR code to access the experience. Redirect the QR scan to a micro-site, where your AI or VR experience lives and can be launched.


Example: QR Hunt in DoubleDutch

Logistics and event management

Exhibitor Lead Scanning

Allow exhibitors to collect lead information quickly, and easily within their app.  Eliminate the need for unnecessary form fills and make the experience seamless for both attendees and exhibitors.

Add a QR Code to Booths to Schedule a Meeting Time

If you have exhibitors or sponsors who aren’t going to be at their booth for the entirety of the event then including a QR code at the booth that links users to a meeting scheduler helps connect interested parties with someone quickly.  This also helps out when traffic gets hectic at your booth between sessions, visitors have another option to schedule time for later.

Set-up an Exhibitor Passport Program ✓

Drive traffic to specific exhibitor booths by creating a passport program.  Attendees that scan QR codes at all booths required can be entered into a raffle, or qualify for special prizes or experiences.

Use QR Codes to Encourage Your App Download

On posters and marketing collateral incorporate your download QR code on marketing materials. Include at check-in, around the venue, and on presentation screens prior to sessions.

Include QR Codes on Swag or Clothing

This might seem a bit strange, but printing your QR code on the back of T-Shirts, or backpacks create a fun way to share brand content as you walk around the event floor.  You can basically wear your sales collateral!

Include QR Codes on Badges

Including personalized attendee QR codes on badges may seem repetitive since those QR codes can be accessed from your event app, but for those attendees who are dead-set against downloading the app it provides a way for others to collect their information. Also, it can help attendees to not need to dig out their phone from a large bag, tote or back-pack in order to quickly exchange their information on the go with someone who want to scan them.

Give Attendees a Virtual Tour

Launch a virtual tour by placing QR codes around your venue explaining what attendees are looking at or experiencing in that area of the event floor. You can include video or audio content as they scan unique QR codes around the venue to create a more interactive experience.

Use QR Codes for Drink Ticket Scanning✓

Using QR Hunt as happy hour tickets by creating a QR section in the app that must be scanned for different drink numbers so you can limit attendees consumption of alcohol more easily and without the paper waste.

Use QR Codes for Session Scanning ✓

Have attendees scan a QR code when coming into the session and leaving to audit how many people attended.

Get Creative with QR Codes

While not all of the above strategies are possible today in the DoubleDutch App, many of them are and our team is always up for the challenge of finding creative ways to use existing features to enable your ideas.

We also provide the ability for your development team or a third party to build custom QR Code features using the DoubleDutch Developer Platform.

Learn How to Use QR Codes in DoubleDutch

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By Kayla Tarantino | 20 February, 2019

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