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Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release

Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release

At DoubleDutch, we believe that live events are both an art and a science. Event marketers have an innate ability to create experiences to generate energy that moves people to action, but great events don’t happen because of an excited crowd, luck, or even flawless event execution. Great events are a result of strategic orchestration of your live event—through content.

The DoubleDutch team recently conducted a customer study of over 270 external events. What we found were compelling insights showing the power of in-app content in driving meaningful engagement at live events. According to the study, event marketers who proactively manage and distribute content can drive a 120% increase in the active engagement levels of their attendees. For event marketers and their teams, this strong correlation between content and in-app engagement levels offers a way to better control the event experience and achieve business outcomes.

Traditionally thought of as an analog experience, live events have become a new digital content distribution channel with the advent of mobile event apps. When event marketers use content, paired with the right activities and distribution as levers at their event, they can achieve a higher level of engagement beyond passive views. They’re now able to drive passive attendees towards more engaged and meaningful actions that result in desired business outcomes.

For example, the study also showed that customers who paired content with gamification and three or more promoted posts throughout the event see, on average, more than 2X the number of attendees who move beyond passive views to more intentional actions, such as discussions, likes, and connections with other attendees. Learn more about our recent analysis here.

Introducing the Live Engagement Funnel

The Live Engagement Funnel is the framework to drive attendees from passive to energized engagement. It takes signals from your events, and much like a traditional marketing funnel, categorizes them by level of engagement. Each of the 180+ actions completed per user in the Live Engagement Event App over the life of an event falls into one of the four stages of the Live Engagement Funnel:


Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release



Encouraging a deeper level of engagement with your events is key to moving attendees down the funnel at an accelerated rate. By creating, curating, and leveraging the right Live Content Strategy, you can quickly move attendees through the Live Engagement Funnel and achieve your desired business outcomes. The most effective content includes both digital and physical content:

Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release


That’s why we’re excited to announce the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release. These four new capabilities to the Live Engagement Platform help drive attendees from passive viewers to more active and engaged participants—empowering actions, connections, and meetings that maximize ROI.

Let’s jump right into the highlights:

Quickstart Onboarding

Orchestrate your event to accelerate business outcomes

While pushing content through event app channels is a powerful way to drive action, success requires more than just adding content and enabling in-app features. This is where the science comes into play. Doing this right requires the right content to be shared through the right channels, at the right times throughout the event. Through rigorous analysis of our customer data, DoubleDutch has identified and templated the keys to success to optimize meaningful attendee actions.

Through Quickstart Onboarding, customers can now leverage a guided, step-by-step tutorial when getting started with new events. This onboarding makes the setup process easier and quicker by guiding customers through uploading media assets, importing content, and setting up third party integrations. Critically, customers can now enter their event type and goals to design their events with the right content, activities, and best practices to optimize success.

Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release


Revenue Manager

Turn your events into a powerful revenue engine

The Live Engagement Revenue Manager empowers customers to create new revenue streams, while providing exhibitors and sponsors with a complete set of capabilities to drive quality meetings and ROI. Customers can create compelling packages, manage communications, and track online sales, all in one place. With this latest release, we are also giving exhibitors and sponsors more control over event success and driving meaningful actions with Targeted Campaigns—a new way to generate quality meetings through targeted promotions shown to attendees of your choice.

Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release

Content Visibility Permissions

Provide access to the most relevant content

Delivering a personalized experience for attendees is a key step to driving engagement and influencing them to take action. A key component of this is having the ability to segment attendees, and fully control what information is distributed to which segments of attendees. Content Visibility Permissions makes it possible for customers to easily create and manage content visibility and distribution in the Live Engagement Studio for any attendee group, such as VIPs, executives, speakers, and more. Customers can also use content to personalize the in-app experience in order to drive their business outcomes. For example, you can provide high value customers with exclusive information, such as a detailed product roadmap or a special event, which may encourage customer upsell and renewals.

Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release

Sub-Sessions Agenda

Make it easy to identify sessions of interest

Last, but not least—events can be complex, with many sessions in the agenda, making it hard or impossible for attendees to effectively identify the right sessions most relevant to them. Medical and scientific conferences are a good example. These meetings often involve complex agendas with main sessions and a variety of sub-sessions underneath, but event technology may not always present this in a way that is easy to navigate. The new Sub-Sessions Agenda solves this problem, making it easier to showcase Sub-Sessions nested within a multi-level Main Session, along with complete session details. This way, attendees can confidently navigate complex agendas, identify topics of interest, and achieve their event goals.

Content and Science Drive Live Engagement Results with the DoubleDutch 2016 Summer Release

These new capabilities are now accessible to DoubleDutch customers. To get an in-depth look at the 2016 Summer Release highlights and learn how you can put them use, register now for our upcoming webinar on September 6, 2016.

If you’re interested in leveraging these new features at your next event, reach out to your account manager or contact sales today to learn more.

By DoubleDutch Insider | August 31, 2016

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