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3 Big Reasons to Launch Your Event App Early


Since 2011, team DoubleDutch has helped #eventprofs succeed with thousands of event app deployments. We know how much care and thought goes into the preparation of event content, so we understand the tendency to want to delay your app launch until every last detail is finalized. But we’d like to try and change your mind about that and convince you that when it comes to your event app strategy, an early launch is better.

Here’s how pre-event app usage can help you accomplish your event goals:

  • Empower attendees to shape your event agenda and logistics

    • Creating a program that best fits your audience’s interests is a key goal for many planners. Driving attendees into your event app early gives you valuable signals about which sessions are most popular (based on views and bookmarks) and allows you to adjust room locations to meet demand.

    • Create Channels to let attendees have focused conversations around particular topics. See which topics are driving the most pre-event engagement, and consider adding break-out groups to the agenda to further support these key discussions.

    • Everyone has a voice. Run pre-event polls to ask attendees to share their preferences for food and drink options, then surprise and delight them by making sure the most popular choices are available on site!

  • Personalize the experience with smart recommendations

    • Launching your app early gives attendees the right tools and time to plan their days. The DoubleDutch platform comes with a built in Personalization Engine to help attendees discover content that’s relevant to their unique interests. Driving attendees into your app early allows more time for our engine to learn about their interests and make smarter recommendations.

  • Communicate with attendees directly without competing for attention

    • As your event approaches, you need to be able to regularly stay in touch with participants to build excitement and anticipation. Avoid email overload by leveraging your event app as a key communication channel where you command full attention of your audience. Unlike emails that are easily deleted or unread, early community activity draws attendees into the app via notifications and badging displayed on the home screen icon. Make sure you are taking full advantage of your DoubleDutch app’s highly engaging community features to increase the reach of your marketing communications.

At DoubleDutch we pride ourselves on offering the most engaging event app with the highest app adoption rates in the industry. If you’re curious to learn more about what makes us different, reach out for a one on one demo, or tune in to an upcoming webinar, we’d love to tell you more.

By DoubleDutch Insider | March 17, 2016

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