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4 Essential Tools for the Modern Marketers Tech Stack

4 Essential Tools for the Modern Marketers Tech Stack

Today’s marketer has a host of resources at her fingertips to help her generate brand awareness, connect with new prospects, nurture existing leads, and measure and optimize processes every step of the way.

Technology plays a key role in today’s marketing landscape, and in order to be successful in a crowded field, your team needs access to the right tools. Here’s a look at some of the top tech investments that your company needs to generate results at every stage of the marketing funnel:

A Social Media Analytics Suite for Brand Awareness

A sophisticated social media analytics suite can help you build your tribe of followers and drive engagement with them.

Use your social media tool to schedule customized messages—including simple questions or status updates, photos, and links to onsite blog content—across a range of social platforms that align with your business goals (such as LinkedIn for B2B brands, or Facebook for B2C).

Your analytics platform can help you identify key influencers to engage with on a one-on-one level, track which posts are resonating most, and help you measure follower growth. Use your social media suite as a key tool to help you grow brand awareness and engagement in the digital realm.

A Marketing Automation (MA) Solution for Lead Nurturing

Whether you’re generating leads through organic search, paid media, or live events (more on that soon), once you’ve acquired a new email address, it’s time to guide that lead on the journey to becoming a customer.

Use a marketing automation tool to help you track each prospect’s activity, both on your website and in response to your email messaging—you’ll be able to drill down on a granular level to understand which pages the prospect has visited (potentially showcasing interest in a particular product), how many emails he has opened, and what links he’s clicked on.

By moving beyond a static email marketing solution, you can much more closely track the prospect’s decision-making cycle, and provide a customized nurture stream of emails that align with his actions. This will help you gain greater awareness of how your prospects are reacting to your marketing messages, and give you the tools to move them further down the funnel by optimizing your messaging based on their responses.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool for Converting Leads and Retaining Customers

Ideally, your MA solution will integrate directly with a CRM tool, which is where you can store and track valuable data about where each specific prospect is in your sales pipeline, monitor their purchase history, view an archive of all communications you’ve had with them, and integrate relevant third-party data that might impact your business relationship. (I.e., did one prospect just close a $50 million round of funding? Then it might be a good time to close the deal.)

Both the marketing and sales functions can gain a lot of value from using and closely monitoring your company’s CRM—helping you track the pulse of your relationship with each prospect or customer in your database, so that you can better understand what your next steps might be.

A Live Engagement Platform for Optimizing Your Biggest Marketing Spend

While digital marketing is powerful, your most effective interactions—by far—will occur offline.

Live events are marketing powerhouses, accounting for 20-32% of the average annual marketing budget and combining the equivalent of 10 or more marketing campaigns into a single program. And this is where effective marketing technology plays an essential role in helping you analyze and optimize your results.

In order to maximize the potential of each and every event, you’ll need a digital solution that helps you measure impact and integrates with the other powerful tools in your arsenal.

Interact with attendees before, during, and after your event with a powerful event app that encourages attendee engagement at all levels of interest. Promote networking with direct messaging, a searchable attendee list, and live activity feeds; provide the event agenda, supplemental materials, and push-notifications of last-minute changes; and collect loads of useful data about the interests and activities of your attendees and speakers.

With effective Live Engagement Marketing, you can increase brand awareness, deepen your relationship with existing prospects, and retain and add value to existing customer relationships through providing a streamlined and effective tool to help prospects at all stages of the funnel engage with your brand and content.

From there, you’ll have access to in-depth data to help you track and measure the success of your event on every level, and use those insights to inform your integrated marketing strategy. Digital marketing and event marketing are most effective in combination—and a best-in-class Live Engagement Solution can tie everything together.

Of course, these are just the essentials. What’s in your stack?





By DoubleDutch Insider | August 16, 2016

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