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4 Memorable Activities and Incentives for Your President's Club

You already understand the importance of incentives for your sales team, but incentives for your President’s Club require a whole new ballpark of thinking to keep your top performers engaged and motivated.

Making it to the prestigious ranks of the President’s Club takes a lot of hard work and determination, which is why you want to reward those most dedicated employees with memorable experiences that are not soon forgotten.

Let’s explore four memorable activities and incentives you can use for your next President’s Club Meeting to really surprise your top sales executives.

1. Send them to the Right Destination

When selecting a dream destination as an incentive for top performers, you want to be sure that it feels special both in location and exclusivity. You may think that you need to choose a location with five-star accommodations and white glove service and resort appeal. But is that what your team really wants? Maybe, but as you go through the process of selecting destinations, consider the types of employees you’re working with first. 

  • Who are they? 
  • What is the average age range? 
  • Where do they live? 
  • What are their life goals? 
  • Do they have families?
  • What are their interests?


 This factors into consideration as you choose between things like high-energy trips such as skiing or outdoor sporting, to relaxing trips on the beaches.

Look for locations and experiences winners wouldn’t necessarily enjoy on their own. For example, when choosing an all-inclusive resort in Mexico or the Caribbean, look for upgraded options wherein members have access to things like their own private bar, restaurant, pool, and check-in service, as well as discounts on things like shopping and spa packages. For more energized destinations, look for exclusive experiences such as private tours and excursions. 

2. Don't Underestimate Recognition Experiences

Consider the difference an award recipient feels when being handed a crystal trophy or cherry wood plaque by your leadership in front of a room of their peers at an annual meeting, versus being sent that same award in the mail. Merely receiving the award isn’t enough; it’s the experience of receiving that award that may make all the difference.

To make the awards night special, it should stand out as something extraordinary. Try steering away from the traditional long, dull speeches, and create an actual event that puts the focus more on the winners themselves.

recognition experience (1)

Some ideas:

  • Appoint a charismatic host, someone who isn’t necessarily the President or even a senior executive. 
  • Hire photographers to capture winners receiving their awards, and having photos taken with their spouses. 
  • Bring in décor that fits the room or location, such as fresh, local flowers, and fill the space with music. 
  • Provide a high-end bar and bartenders, and a five-star dinner prepared by gourmet chefs.


Imagine taking that experience a step further by providing personalized rewards. For example, offer private Italian leather glove fittings while in Italy. Or set up high-end electronics, sunglasses, clothing, or jewelry boutiques with experts who will work with winners one-on-one to help them select their choices. Remember that the experience of receiving the recognition is just as important as actually receiving the award.

3. Create Personalized Experiences for Attendees

Take into consideration the group of people who will be at the meeting and think of ways to customize experiences around their hobbies and interests. For example, do you have a lot of golfers, deep-sea fishermen or history buffs in the group? Create high-touch, five-star experiences around those interests that they’ll never forget.

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your President’s Club winners are having an experience of a lifetime is to survey them in advance through the use of an event application. Asking them their preferences means you don’t have to guess what they might like, and the use of an app means that it can be done simply, and quickly. Additionally, event applications can be used to gather information such as preferred check-in, check-out times or food allergies and special diets.  

4. Include Icebreakers and Games at Your Meeting

President’s Club meetings are oftentimes filled with top earners who don’t necessarily know one another well. Though sales professionals are typically already good at small talk, they still need an opportunity to get to know one another. Early on, it’s a good idea to begin with an icebreaker that will easily warm up the group.

For sales teams especially, they can all relate to having to “put the customer at ease”, so they already understand the value of an icebreaker, which can make the experience that much more fun. A good icebreaker is one that tries finding something that everyone in the group can easily relate to.

As you’re looking to create a memorable experience while helping club winners get to know one another better, consider gamifying your meeting through an event app. Participants can enjoy an icebreaker game such as Icebreaker Espionage, or a scavenger hunt, that allows them to work together. You could also have fun with live Q&A sessions or trivia games, all provided through your event application.

No matter what route you take with regard to the activities and incentives you use for your President’s Club meetings, remember that to make them memorable, the key is to focus on the experience by personalizing it whenever possible, reminding your top earners that they’re valued and appreciated and getting them excited about another outstanding year.

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By DoubleDutch Insider | 28 June, 2018

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