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4 Reasons DoubleDutch is Heading to Phoenix


Today, I’m pleased to announce that DoubleDutch is opening its second major US office in Phoenix, AZ.

Opening a second major US office was a big endeavour, and we spent months deliberating where we should land. We spoke to other companies who made similar choices at our stage, and we thoroughly evaluated a laundry list of potential cities. In the end, Phoenix was the clear winner for a number of reasons:

  1. Access to a new wealth of talent. We’re looking for a pipeline of hungry, remarkable people to join our team. Nearby ASU produces more than 15,000 graduating seniors each year, and Phoenix draws thousands of other graduates from across the state. The data (and our experience) reveals that AZ grads are some of the best prepared in the country for the dynamic and challenging customer-facing roles we are hiring for.

  2. Maintain our thriving culture. We spent months researching how the best companies in the world maintain a consistent office culture across multiple locations. The advice we heard time and again was to make sure to have a seamless flow of leadership across locations. PHX is only a two hour flight from SFO, and our offices in both cities are within 15 minute rides of the airport, which will make frequent travel between our offices a breeze. This means more visits from execs, more seamless communication between employees, and more opportunities to cross-pollinate culture between our offices.

  3. Create a sustainable place for employees to build their careers and personal lives. As we continue to scale our business, it’s equally important that we create new opportunities for our employees to grow in their careers. Our new Phoenix office gives team members the ability experience life in a new city while continuing to support our fast-growing company.

  1. Become part of the burgeoning tech and startup community. Frankly, this one initially caught us off guard. We had heard plenty about other companies that had opened successful offices in Phoenix, but we were less aware of a more exciting story  around the grassroots startup community that is just starting to get traction. During scouting trips, we found startup folks gathering in coffee shops and co-working spaces. We found neighborhoods being revitalized after decades of being ignored. We found an inclusive community of startup entrepreneurs and community leaders that have been incredibly warm and generous to us. Most importantly to us, we found an opportunity to be a positive contributor to an emerging startup ecosystem

Phoenix is a natural home for DoubleDutch. We’re thrilled by the opportunity for our employees, the chance to make a positive impact in the local community, and we look forward to spreading our culture and values to the desert.

If you’re interested in joining the movement, we’re hosting a free Startup Life event next week to meet likeminded people.

We look forward to meeting folks who are excited to join the startup movement taking hold in Phoenix. We’ll see you there.

By Lawrence Coburn | 21 February, 2016

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