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4 Tips to Increase Event App Adoption by Word of Mouth

By now, you've likely heard all about how Beyoncé won the internet (and the World) with her recent, unannounced and un-promoted album release. In short, by relying solely on word of mouth marketing (read: zero paid promotion), Beyoncé was able to sell over 800,000 units in just a few days.

Be the Beyoncé of Event App Promotion

Word of mouth relies on having a compelling product or service offering. For Beyoncé it was about creating a unique music experience for her fans. People wouldn't have purchased the album if they didn't hear amazing things from their friends first.

In the case of an event application, it's about creating consumable content that attendees love. With an engaging event app experience, you'll get attendees talking to one another and encouraging others to download the app.

4 Tips to Increase Event App Adoption by Word of Mouth

1. Be a Thought Leader.

The foundation of a solid community lies in its content. Think of how you'll start the conversation and keep it going with content that resonates. In your event app, use Promoted Posts to share quotes from speakers, photos of your event, and even link to online resources like blog posts or PDFs. Encourage attendees to respond with their thoughts and opinions or even feedback.

2. Create a Community.

An event application isn't just a paper guide on a smartphone. It's a community of people who've come together around one central theme. Once you've thought through the type of content you'll be sharing, think of how you'll encourage conversations before, during, and after your event. How will you engage with attendees in the application and empower them to start conversations of their own?

3. Celebrate Influencers.

Once your event app community has taken off, create a strategy around celebrating influential members. Take note of who's igniting conversations and debates and find a way to celebrate their activity. This can happen in the form of a personal shoutout in the application or by giving away prizes.

4. Be Social

Social Media has quickly become the golden child of word of mouth marketing strategies. Incorporate event app promotion into your social media strategy by communicating the benefits of the app and posting download links in online communities like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Of course we can't all be Beyoncé, but we can create, package, and promote our event applications with just as much thought and planning. Coupling word of mouth marketing with traditional app promotion strategies delivers the best results when it comes to increasing event app adoption.

At the end of the day, your event application is only good if attendees know about it and use it.


By DoubleDutch Insider | December 19, 2013

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