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5 From LIVE: 5 Big Things from Lawrence Coburn's CEO Keynote

5 From LIVE: 5 Big Things from Lawrence Coburn's CEO Keynote

Our CEO, Lawrence Coburn, kicked off LIVE 2016 with a vision for the future of Live Engagement Marketing and the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. At the heart of his presentation is how machine learning will impact the event experience, transforming how event managers and marketers do their jobs in the coming years. Yes, even events will feel the impact of this technology that promises to drive our cars and recommend a film for movie night.

Here are 5 BIG takeaways from Lawrence's keynote:

1. Weave Technology Into Live Experiences

How do we actually bridge the physical world of live events with the digital world of software and technology? How do we turn a person's interest in a speaker or topic into an actionable data signal? How do we ensure our attendees are meeting the right people to enhance their experience? The answer is integrating technology into the complete event, both online and offline. And that's where the event app comes into play. The app is the key to capturing digital data from real-world behaviors. Event marketers can turn attendee's in-app engagement into valuable data to accelerate their business results.

2. Event App Adoption and Engagement Is Growing Rapidly

Event marketers are sitting on the biggest business data set in the world thanks to increased app adoption and engagement — and both are still rising. DoubleDutch has see an average of 70% adoption of our event apps at customer events and a 26% increase in app engagement since 2014. But it's not just DoubleDutch, it's our industry as a whole. American Express Meetings and Events is projecting more than a 10% increase in mobile app usage at their events across North America, South America and Europe from 2016 to 2017. And Marco Giberti from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) says that $1.5 billion has been invested in event technology since 2011. Events are hot, to say the least.

3. Three Stages to Live Engagement Marketing Success

Data is great, but merely having it is just the beginning. The next step is putting the data to work. Lawrence identified three stages to Live Engagement Marketing success:

  • Engagement
  • Reporting
  • Response

Engagement yields data, while reporting is how event marketers make sense of the data and draw conclusions about their event and audience. Response is the critical third step of doing something with the data. And that action is a perfect segue into our next big thing…

4. Use Live Engagement Data in Four Big Ways

What can you do with your newfound data and insights?

  1. Influence-assisted serendipity: Help people meet and network, ensure attendees go to the right sessions for their interests, and ensure your sales people are talking to the right prospects
  2. Create new business models: If you know what sessions someone attended or who they met with at your conference, you can target your follow ups and inform your sales team
  3. Complete the missing data puzzle: You marketing team knows a lot about your prospects and customers' online actions, but now you can combine that with their real-world actions for a more complete picture
  4. Accelerate business outcomes: Ultimately you can use the live engagement funnel to drive people down the sale funnel

5. Machine Learning Will Change Everything

Wherever there are loads of data, there is an opportunity to apply machine learning. Sure, machine learning is usually associated with things like IBM's Watson or self-driving cars, but there is a big potential application for event marketers, too. For example, DoubleDutch is already recommending sessions and people to follow that align with attendees' expressed interests and educational needs by using our application, similar to how Amazon recommends products based on past behaviors.

The future of live experiences is here.

Keep checking back for more LIVE 2016 highlights, and read more about how to supercharge your events with our free ebook: “A Blueprint to Energize Your Event."

By DoubleDutch Insider | 21 November, 2016

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