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5 Takeaways From DoubleDutch On Tour San Francisco

This summer the DoubleDutch team is heading out On Tour to bring event technology to the masses with DoubleDutch On Tour. The half-day events are geared to bring event app education to the forefront, and help you become a mobile expert. Our first stop? San Francisco's Flagship Converse store!

The San Francisco event featured DoubleDutch customer Alex Dunne (General Manager of Digital at UBM) who talked about his experience deploying event apps with DoubleDutch as well as breakout sessions on iBeacon, event gamification, optimizing the app implementation process and so much more.

5 Takeaways from DoubleDutch On Tour San Francisco

1. Establish what success means for your app. No two events are the same, so understanding how you will measure success early on is important to an effective event app strategy. Some things to look for include active app users, surveys/feedback, cost savings realized, sponsorship revenue, social buzz uptick and more.

General Manager of Digital at UBM, Alex Dunne, suggests creating a report after each event that shows your team how the app did in each area, and which areas need attention.

2. Promotion is key to success. We all know promotion is essential to the success of any marketing strategy, and your event app is no different.

Some great tips for event app promotion include registration/confirmation emails, social media, on landing pages, tote bags and event collateral.

3. Keep winning within reach. When creating event gamification strategies, make it simple and clear to attendees how to earn badges and in-app rewards.

Some ideas include "swag stores", where attendees redeem points earned in the app for event swag, exhibitor bingo/passport programs, leaderboard sweepstakes and more.

4. iBeacon will transform events. By creating a more concierge-like event experience, where content and relevant information finds the attendee, iBeacon will change the way we think about live events.

DoubleDutch is implementing and exploring major changes with iBeacon, and the future is ripe with opportunity.

5. Barriers to driving usage can be prevented! Knowing your audience and understanding the dynamics of how they engage with new media is important to your event app's success.

Proactively marketing the app, encouraging event staff to participate in conversations, and ensuring you have a solid WiFi provider can immensely increase app adoption.

Naturally, it wouldn't be a DoubleDutch event without a dedicated mobile application, and boy was engagement off the hook. Attendees at took to the app like fish in water, playing with exciting new features and competing for points to redeem in the swag shop. Don't believe us? Just check out the engagement report below.

Thanks to everyone who participated the event was a massive success. Attendees had the opportunity to learn and network with their peers, and even make a custom pair of Converse sneakers! If you haven't already, check out our Facebook Photo Album for more pics.

Be on the lookout for DoubleDutch in your city. We'll be traveling around the world!



By DoubleDutch Insider | 13 May, 2014

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