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5 Ways to Hack Your Recent Event for Future Content

5 Ways to Hack Your Recent Event for Future Content

Events are much more than logistical challenges to be solved, from session topics and travel arrangements to catering menus. They are a goldmine for marketers tasked with keeping the content engine humming.

Not only are events a great way for marketers to find brand advocates who can spread your company's message, but you can — and should — use what you see and hear at events to drive your content efforts.

5 Tips from the DoubleDutch Marketing Team

Every company seems to be doing content marketing these days — and there's no better way to figure out what you should be talking about than by listening to event attendees. After all, these are a mix of customers and people you want to be customers.

Here are a few tried-and-true tips that the DoubleDutch team uses after every event to keep the content flowing.

  1. Use feedback to drive campaign strategy. After the event ends, analyze the conversations and attendee activity within the app — questions asked/answered, poll responses, speaker feedback and active channel conversations, among others. These event analytics will not only spawn a blog or white paper idea (or 10), but the data can also help you serve personalized content straight to attendees' inboxes through email campaigns. Do you use Marketo or Eloqua? Simply request the DoubleDutch Marketing Automation Integration to set up targeted post-event campaigns — fast.
  2. Identify future contributors. Events are powerful because they bring people into the same place to discuss the topics that interest them. Huddle with your team after the event to capture interesting questions that were asked, a session that drew a lot of interest, or even a standout speaker whose session lends itself to a guest blog.
  3. Find advocates. Poll results, interesting comments and anecdotes shared on session channels can be turned into public testimonials. Compile the top comments into a short event recap post on your blog, or ask to use a customer's rousing recommendation on your website and sales collateral.
  4. Put an emerging rockstar in the spotlight. Attendees' feedback and in-app conversations can spark ideas for future event sessions, or even uncover potential speakers. Did attendees love a breakout session speaker? Consider moving them to the main stage next year.
  5. Improve product and support. Marketers increasingly own every customer-facing aspect of the team's strategy. Looking through in-app event data can not only influence campaigns, but it can also provide documentation for your support site and influence product roadmaps.

For more ideas on how you can use your events to supercharge your content strategy efforts, click here.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 6 April, 2017

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