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5 Ways to Build Your Marketing Strategy Using DoubleDutch App Data

Events are a greenhouse of knowledge; an environment where like-minded people have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and exponentially accelerate learning and growth. What is often overlooked is what a huge source for data events are.

Besides knowing which speaker was the most popular, or which session had the least engagement, there is an incredible amount of data that can be directly plugged into your marketing strategy. This means more ROI from your event beyond the direct business outcomes.

Here are 5 ideas on how you can use the DoubleDutch app to build your marketing strategy:

#1 – Gain insight for SEO

By simply viewing a word cloud from your event app’s activity feed you can check for any keywords and topics that you can use to inform your SEO efforts.

Downloading all activity and running a more detailed analysis can identify even more trends and topics. Work together with your copywriters in order to scope topics, trends, and natural conversation topics that you can use in your SEO strategy.

#2 – Fuel your content marketing

Have you ever struggled to ideate new topics for your blog? Your events can be a gold mine in terms of ideas.

Besides the activity feed of the app, other features like Topic Channels, Session Channels, Live Q&A and Knowledge Share can be a great way to understand which areas of your industry are underserved.  These are a great place to go to get inspiration for new points of view you can bring to life on your blog. You may find that there are questions in your app sections that make for fantastic follow-up posts.

#3 – Plan for social media

Having a solid social media strategy implies sparking engaging conversations. This means knowing what people are talking about, what topics attract more attention, and how your audience is communicating.

Checking the content created within the sections detailed above of the DoubleDutch app can help you source new content and inspiration for your social media campaigns.

Pro Tip:

Create a photo contest in the app, offer a prize for the best photos of your event consisting of those photos to be featured on your LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Instagram accounts.

You’ll get authentic user-generated content for your social media calendar and attract attention from the followers of the winners and they’ll get exposure on your channels.  It’s a win-win!

#4 – Monitor trending hashtags

Hashtags became an important part of your social media strategy as there is almost no platform that hasn’t adopted this trend started by Twitter as a way to organize trending topics.

Hashtags are a way to make everyone’s life easier: they act as labels that make your content easy to find.

The DoubleDutch app helps you sanity check the hashtags you use and find which are the emerging ones that can get you ahead of the curve, or detect niche hashtags you hadn’t noticed before in order to reach new audiences.

#5 – Scout for new influencers

The bubbling atmosphere of an event is the best place to see new influencers popping up. See who’s getting the most attention in the topics relative to your company and partner with them to help you leverage your brand or create post-event content.

New influencers and influencers from other regions will benefit from the attention they’ll get from your audience and you’ll get a new perspective about your brand that can bring fresh air to your marketing stack.

Events aid your marketing strategy development.

When putting together your marketing strategy think about all of the ways your event data can help you make informed decisions about what your audience may be interested in.  

By Mario Savi | 13 February, 2019

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