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A Customer Advisory Board to Remember, Featuring Boomset


Every year DoubleDutch hosts annual customer advisory boards (CABs), this year we ran our East Coast event in Manhattan, New York. During these face-to-face gatherings with our customers we provide a forum for honest feedback and talk about trends forming in the industry. Our product roadmap, professional services, and emerging technology were topics of discussion for this year’s event.

At every customer advisory board we focus on a theme. This year, the focus was on how integrations and growing partnership networks help to create more personalized experiences.

The experience in the making...

To create a seamless experience for our CAB, we considered how both digital properties and physical spaces impact the attendees’ journeys. Customization and personalization were incorporated in the experience from the start, beginning with the registration experience and extending to the emotions elicited from the physical space. At each stage of planning our CAB, we asked ourselves, “what can we do to make this the most personalized experience possible, and connect our customers with not just our brand but to each other?”


The first thing we thought about was the process of taking registrant information from one system and making sure it’s made available in other ones, like our mobile app and CRM systems.


Custom Badges being printed as attendees check-into the CAB


The second layer of personalization we needed to consider was the experience attendees had when they were onsite. We decided to personalize the check-in process to showcase what a highly-custom event badge could look like for customer events.

Event location: MEET on Chrystie. Hidden Manhattan loft, in the lower east side of New York City.

The Space

When choosing venues for the CAB, we opted for an aesthetic that fostered the sense you were home in your living room, gathered around a circle to have a conversation rather than listening to a lecture.

We wanted to match the relaxed feeling of the venue space with a seamless registration and check-in process. To do so, we worked with our onsite badging and check-in partner, Boomset, to integrate the two workflows into one smooth experience. Before the event, Boomset had spent a few weeks developing and testing a deep integration into the DoubleDutch Platform, including our registration and mobile event app.

Our CEO, Lawrence Coburn, kicking things off.

The Attendee Experience

When you’re dealing with multiple event technology systems like online registration websites, mobile event apps, and onsite check-in and badge printers, the room for error is high.

As an organizer, the last thing you want to deal with is duplicate data between multiple systems – this can cause headaches managing registrations and checking people in. Attendees shouldn’t have to think about their information getting to the right place at the right time – which is where the DoubleDutch Developer Platform is able to help improve experiences. By leveraging the APIs made available in the DoubleDutch Developer Platform, Boomset was able to build a robust integration that pulled data from DoubleDutch Registration into their system and maintain an up-to-date, deduplicated list of attendees. When we coupled the registration experience with the mobile app, attendees were able to register, check-in, and access the mobile app with their single registration.

The check-in experience for our evening "StorySalon" event for customers, and guests.

Onsite Check-in

We firmly believe that technology makes face-to-face experiences better, but that only happens when your focus is on optimizing the attendee experience, not merely checking a box. That's why we are so selective when choosing partners to work with; we want to know that they share that vision. Boomset brought their full offering onsite to showcase the power of fully branded and personalized badges. As our customers arrived onsite, we had each person check-in using the iPad kiosk as well as snap a quick headshot that was printed in color on the customized plastic badges. Was this completely necessary? YES! The importance of prioritizing the attendee experience above checking the boxes at an event means going above and beyond when you can, not when you need to.

Image from iOS (12)

Our team in collaboration with Boomset printing badges for attendees.

It’s a Wrap

Our NYC Customer Advisory Board was a huge success. Having customers commit to a full day of discussions, feedback, and presentations is a huge ask, we are grateful for their participation.

A couple key takeaways from the event:

  1. Understanding your event’s goals and then designing an experience that combines the digital and physical worlds around that is crucial.

  2. Immersing attendees into an integrated experience demonstrates a level of elegance and sophistication that we believe all events should try to incorporate.

We can’t wait for our next Customer Advisory Board in January to kick off the new year. We’re thankful to those customers who participated and are committed to helping us improve our products and inform our vision.

By Taylor McLoughlin | 27 December, 2018

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