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A Top 10 Countdown to Awesome Events in 2016

(Part Five in the DoubleDutch Thanksgiving Series: An Extra Helping of Goodness for Event Planners)

Like it or not, the calendar is likely the most used tool of any event planner. It is the boss that no manner of justification or challenge can sway. The date is the date. It is what it is.

So whether you are gearing up for your last event of this calendar year, or just picking yourself off the ground from the recent fall flurry, we know that as an event professional, there is always a countdown clock ticking in your head.

In that vein, here is a countdown list that might make the metronome in your brain a little less ominous: a Top 10 Countdown of ways you can make your upcoming events more awesome.  Check out what a mobile event app can do to transform the impacts of Father Time:

10. Power a “Pop-Up” Social Community.  Instant online network, connecting on shared content, conversations and connections.

9. Save the Day: Improve the Event in Real Time.  See dashboard to pulse what’s working—move popular session to bigger room; and what’s not—support offline details on mobile devices, even when the local Wi-Fi fails.

8. Broker the Right Connections: No More “Badge Squint.”  Attendees can look up profiles and posts of other attendees to connect to the right people with direct message vs. socially awkward badge squinting.

7. Enable Your Exhibitors to Build Buzz Beyond the Booth.  Segment attendee list and deliver in-app offers and ideas directly to the right contacts, so every booth is in the “perfect” location.

6. “One Size Fits One”: Personalized Agenda-Building. Empower attendees to choose, bookmark and even sync to their calendars all the tracks and breakouts most applicable to their interests.

5.  Keep Everyone Up to Date: Dodging the Downside of Murphy’s Law. S#*t happens, schedules change and speakers get sick, but with all context in a digital app, everyone can stay in sync and the show will go on!

4. In the Moment Feedback.  Best way to respond to the inputs from an event is as they are happening vs. two weeks later when you get home and compile attendee forms.

3. Something for Everyone: Value for Attendees, Sponsors and Your Business Alike.  From cultivating leads and pushing promotions to interacting with best people and perspective, app insights work for everyone.

2.  Defend Your Spend: Demonstrate Return on Investment. Analytics dashboard provides real-time and post event summary of what’s worked and where the sweet spot is for building return engagements.

1. Build the Bottom Line: Save Money, Save Trees and Generate Revenue. Digital agendas and signage drives a direct savings to the event bottom line vs. onerous printing costs.  And they are much more forgiving of Mother Nature too. Couple that with value add premium service options for your exhibitors like promoted posts, push notifications and lead retrieval, and not only help save the earth, you prop your profit.

Here is to you and your fabulous events in 2016. Why wait for the ball drop to usher in the potential?  On behalf of everyone at DoubleDutch, we’re raising a toast to your Happiest, awesomest New Year’s yet! Have a great time!

How are you outsmarting the clock with your event planning? We’d love to know.

If you want to learn even more ways to benefit from a mobile app at your next event, check out the Mobile Event Apps For Dummies.

By DoubleDutch Insider | November 23, 2015

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