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All New: In-App Offers


Wondering how you can promote multiple offers within your event app? It just got a lot easier with DoubleDutch Offers!

The new Offers feature provides a way for organizers to present multiple promotions in a single section of your event app without interrupting your app users' experiences. The Offers section can be used to present new product offerings, exhibitor's products, or exclusive promotions.  Your sponsors, and exhibitors will be able to put their offers on display with a custom image and write up unique to their offering.



When you create an offer, you are able to track which attendees have requested more information about specific promotions, giving you the insights you or your exhibitors need to start a conversation and provide that attendee with more information.

Attendees are able to view offers and promotions in the "Offers" section of their event app. When they select an offer and click 'I'm interested' their information is sent to the event organizer and the attendee will receive a notice that the organizer has been notified.

Start conversations faster, in real-time, while your attendees are interested and in the moment. Get your offers section installed and set-up today in the "Discover More" section of the Event CMS.

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By Kayla Tarantino | 6 August, 2018

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