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An Insider's View on Privacy, Security and Reliability For Mobile Event Apps


I like to think I make security fun. Tip-toeing around isn’t something I am good at doing in my personal life, and it’s not an approach I take when discussing security. When Safe Harbour was deemed null and void last fall, I opened conversations with it. I love understanding why a client is concerned. You’re regulated to protect this data, it’s scary because you don’t understand it. So let’s talk about it in a way that it’s easy to understand. Trust is so much more than a check box. I want to work with our prospects to provide a solution that is secure, but also enjoyable (Who says you can’t enjoy your work?).

In the 4 years since DoubleDutch began, events have become increasingly dependent on cloud technology for marketing automation, management, and analytics. Companies (like DoubleDutch) who provide these services must pay closer attention to what they’re doing to ensure the security and privacy of the data they process.

At DoubleDutch, it’s my job to be able to speak to these tough topics and explain to our customers exactly what it is we’re doing to ensure the security and privacy of their data. The approach I take when speaking to this is very different from your traditional view of an IT or IS professional. While engineers and information technology professionals think about security in very technical terms, I speak to the practical application of those measures, and what it means to be security conscious in the events industry. And if I can make a clever analogy in the process, you bet I will.

My goal as a communicator is to make all the jargon relevant for the event organizer or marketer I’m speaking to. In understanding their goals and concerns I can also use my technical knowledge to educate them and better position our software with the rest of their company. Taking a few tricks from my previous life as a social worker, I like to think about the “person in environment” or “security within the event.” Sure a security analyst may recommend increased encryption rate, or different key management, but how do these impact the user experience and why should we all care about it. That’s the good stuff.

We want our prospects to be making educated decisions regardless of what vendor they choose and I take a personal interest in being a trusted advisor to the people I speak to on a daily basis.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to create the industry’s first white paper on privacy, security and reliability for mobile event apps that is readable and understandable for our client base. Whether you’re an event organizer or IT professional, this document will help you understand DoubleDutch’s commitment to security and data privacy.  And, when you go into your next vendor meeting, we equip you with the tools to ask questions, start a conversation and chose a vendor who isn’t afraid to have those conversations, because the most difficult conversations are the ones that build trust.

By DoubleDutch Insider | January 26, 2016

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