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Announcing Our First Live Events and Engagement Benchmark Report

Announcing Our First Live Events and Engagement Benchmark Report

The physical world of live events is merging with the digital world of software and mobile applications at a rapid pace. That's great news for event professionals as events, at most companies, command the single-largest slice of the annual marketing budget. By merging the physical with the digital through Live Engagement Marketing, event marketers now sit on the most powerful marketing data set in the world: live engagement data.

Last year alone the DoubleDutch platform processed more than 3 billion Live Engagement Signals. What’s a “Live Engagement Signal?” you ask. Engagement signals are moments and actions taken at your live event that you can analyze attendee behavior for. Signals might be, what sessions your attendee is sitting through, comments made in the activity feed, topic channels joined, presentations bookmarked, questions asked, and connections made.

Properly capturing and putting this data to work will elevate any event profs role within their organizations, giving rise to a new marketing power player: the event marketer.

That's our mission, and it's why DoubleDutch is kicking off our first Live Events and Engagement Benchmark Report generated from in-depth analysis of the events our platform has powered since we launched in 2011. This first-of-its-kind report gives marketers and event profs a peek into the data and insights our customers generate from their events around the world. Here's a sneak peak at a couple of key takeaways:

The Gender Breakdown of Your Event Matters

Event professionals are making progress to ensure speakers on stage more have more of a balance when it comes to the gender divide.  Our healthcare customers, for example, were one of a only a few industries that were able to strike a balance.

Announcing Our First Live Events and Engagement Benchmark Report

See how you stack up with industry peers and get tips on how to strike the perfect balance!  

Content Is More Powerful Than Ever

Events with the most balanced gender breakdown are only successful if attendees find the information provided at the event useful. To deliver, event profs must nail the content. By digging deep into in-app actions like bookmarks, sessions attended and speaker rankings, event marketers can make more informed decisions while curating app and on-stage content.

For example, for your CEO’s keynote to be a blend of innovation and the current state of your product, look to your most popular topic channels, run a survey or poll, and try to find out what trends and topics are the hottest in your industry while you tweak her final presentation. On a roadshow? Use this same data to adjust messaging as you go city-to-city.

Location, Location, Location

Of course, there are the usual suspects when it comes to event locations (Viva Las Vegas), but there are some off-the-beaten path locales that made the top of the list. This serves as a good reminder to consider audience and industry before booking Vegas or Orlando by default. Our customer, ASAE, specifically seeks out cities looking to expand their expo centers and be seen as up and comers in the events industry. Hot tip: look for secondary markets for your next conference. You never know what sort of specials deals are in Salt Lake City, Austin, and Nashville!

Announcing Our First Live Events and Engagement Benchmark Report

Download your free copy of DoubleDutch's "Live Engagement Benchmark Report" today!

By Kasper Jeppesen | January 25, 2017

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