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New Feature: Power up Attendee Networking with “Magic Hour”

Magic Hour is the newest addition to the DoubleDutch Event App’s growing stack of ready-to-install add-ons. This extension is the ultimate conversation starter for your networking happy hour, lunch or any downtime at your event.

The feature allows attendees to scan up to 12 people that they'd like to have conversations with within an hour. For each conversation, they are provided with a thought-provoking conversation starter to get the collaboration and networking flowing.  Organizers can moderate the hour, prompting attendees to move on to their next conversation for a rapid-fire networking experience like no other.

Here is how it works:

  • Organizers select how many conversations spots are given within the hour (we recommend 12 for a full hour, 6 for a half hour time-frame), and set a different thought-provoking question for each position on the clock.

  • Participants choose prospective partners by using the QR scan functionality in the center of the clock.

  • Participants have a designated time period to discuss the question and talk with one another about the topic.

  • Organizers moderate when to move on to the next conversation.

We hope that by facilitating short sprints of conversation starters, the organizer can help participants to alleviate the stress that is often associated with approaching someone and starting a conversation.  While the conversation may only last 5 minutes, attendees will then know on a personal level 6-12 people in the room by the end of the hour.

It’s a versatile extension with many use cases for event organizers.  Consider using this early on at your event as an icebreaker, or after a day of long content to re-excite attendees into conversations.

We hope your attendees enjoy Magic Hour as much as ours have at our events! Visit our support center to learn more about how to implement Magic Hour at your next event.

By Adam Liechty | 18 December, 2018

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