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DoubleDutch Opens Up to Best-in-Class Partners Glisser and Boomset

Welcome, Glisser! Welcome, Boomset! This week DoubleDutch announced two new ecosystem partners with native integrations into the DoubleDutch Platform.

DoubleDutch to go Big on Live Events in 2019

15 January, 2019
Tomorrow evening in Phoenix (Wednesday, January 16), DoubleDutch will be hosting the first of what we expect to be a 50 event series of boutique events around the world.  The events are called StorySalons, and they are part story-telling karaoke, part tech-assisted networking, and part magic and serendipity.

The Long Tail of Live Events and the 5X Rule

2 October, 2018
  In statistics, the term “long tail” refers to a particular distribution pattern in which several high frequency items are followed by a much larger number of decreasingly low frequency items.  

A Fork in the Road for Event Tech Buyers: What Matters More, Logistics or Business Outcomes?

25 September, 2018
  It seems to be RFP season in the world of event technology, and I count myself among a handful of hardliners that [truly] enjoy reading these monstrous documents. Why? Because an RFP is a window into the mindset of the buyer. If you read between the lines, you can learn a lot about a company’s priorities, p[…]

Real Time Marketing at Live Events

2 July, 2018
  In Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys, Lewis describes the practice of High Frequency Trading - an equity trading discipline that depends on speed-to-market to deliver outsized returns.  Flash Boys begins with the story of Spread Networks, a telecom company that was investing $300M to build a fiber link to conn[…]

The Case for Standardizing Your Event Tech

25 June, 2018
    The last several years have seen a prolonged period of experimentation from the largest and most sophisticated buyers of event technology.

GDPR and SaaS Companies: Four Thoughts

15 May, 2018
  At DoubleDutch, we’ve had the good fortune of diving deep with GDPR requirements very early in the process. Within our customer base are many European-based corporations and multinationals that care deeply about GDPR compliance, and who have thought hard about the impact of GDPR as it relates to working wit[…]
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