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Event Organizer Checklist: 5 Benefits Of A Digital Agenda

We've talked a lot about how sponsors can benefit from an event application; how you can leverage social media during your event; and how game mechanics can increase engagement. But what about the simple benefits of having a digital agenda?

1. Instantly Update. As event organizers, we've all been there. The night before an event a keynote's plane is delayed, a last minute sponsor jumps on board, or bad weather strikes. With a digital agenda updating content and information is made easy via the cloud. With a few clicks of a button you can not only update the master agenda, but everyone at the conference will be updated as well. As an added bonus, you can send out push notifications to attendees so they receive the most updated information in an instant.

Documents have to hit the printer at least a few days before your event. Any changes made to the program after that print date means your guide is now outdated, and you've lost money on your investment.

2. Segment by Interest. Unless your event is hyper-focused, attendees will naturally have multiple interests. How does social media effect my industry? What is the state of mobile in the enterprise? If you've spent time creating themed tracks for your event, using a digital agenda helps make it easier for attendees to segment, discover and follow their interests. Using filters in your event's agenda enables attendees to curate their own agendas with just a few taps. Taking away the guesswork of a paper event guide.

3. Unlimited Content. With a paper event guide you're limited to what you can afford to print on. In most cases that might mean your entire event agenda must fit on one page with sponsor info and more. With a mobile event guide the amount of content you want to incorporate is virtually unlimited. You can add full sponsor bios, session information and more without having to worry about running out of space.

4. Encourage Networking. With a digital agenda, event attendees can check-in to sessions and keynotes. Alerting them to who else is in the session, and enabling them to connect with each other.

5. Go Green. This one seems pretty obvious, but an immediate benefit to going digital means less trees and waste. In the old days of the event world, we'd hand out feedback forms and takeaways which quickly found their way into the trash (or recycling if you're lucky). Today, with a mobile event app, you can not only incorporate all of these things into the application in the form of surveys or immediate feedback from the newsfeed, but it makes the collecting of data easier. So you don't have to sit around tallying how many stars a keynote received.

Interested in seeing what a well-structured mobile event agenda can look like? Explore DoubleDutch.

By DoubleDutch Insider | November 1, 2012

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