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Benefits of Cloud Configuration with Mobile Event Apps

While Apple has been very successful in ensuring a quality user experience by manually reviewing every app submitted to the store, the time lag between app submission and app approval can make things very stressful for event organizers. You never know when the app will get approved -- it's up to the whim of the Apple employee that's assigned to review your app. Having to lock down attendees, sponsors, and session details 2 weeks prior to an event is (most of the time) unreasonable and incredibly stressful.

One way to mitigate this stress is to go with a vendor that has the ability to deliver both content and functionality from the cloud.

A good example of this is the use of surveys post-event.  Most event organizers do not want to expose surveys to their attendees until the event is winding down, in order to capture feedback on the full event. With cloud config, the 'surveys' functionality can be queued up and ready to be activated on the fly, at any time. The title of the keynote is incorrect? Simply make an update in our cloud-based dashboard and the change is immediately evident in the app. Add a sponsor at the last minute? It just takes a mere minute to add them, and the they instantly appear.

Another word for cloud configuration could be 'flexible', 'go-with-the-flow', or 'adjustable'. We like that. DoubleDutch's platform is based on a cloud configurable model, so if you'd like to learn more send the carrier pigeon.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 24 August, 2012

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