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Benefits of Using a Creative Agency at Your Next Event


You may be forgiven for thinking that partnering with a creative agency is solely about making things look great, different or unique; and to a degree, you’d be right. But the real value of a successful partnership lies in the ability to leverage in-house expertise to drive exceptional results for your business.

At HGA, we’ve been working with DoubleDutch since 2014 and have seen our relationship evolve alongside our understanding of how to harness the power of mobile to service the needs of our clients. We’re confident in our ability to maximise the impact of an event app for our clients, having delivered record results for three years across varying sectors and to audiences from a few hundred to well over one thousand.

A question we’re often asked is, how exactly do we add value to our client's event apps?

We Create the Creative

We make your app look awesome, on-brand and, most importantly, unique – elevating you above the competition.

We build the creative, too. Since 2015, we’ve used the DoubleDutch SDK to create seamless web links that integrate with the event app to extend the core features to allow for quizzes, crack the code games, video uploaders, superhero name generators and even a shopping cart!

But, most importantly, we get creative from a strategy and content perspective. We leverage 28 years’ worth of creative experience – across events and digital to work in partnership with you to bring your wildest dreams into reality. We make it our job to understand your marketing strategy and fundamental objectives and take success one stage further by not only proposing ideas, but by working with you to develop them to achieve the kind of success that will leave your leadership team in awe.

Push the Creative of Your In-App Content

We take pride in delivering results that build year-over-year for clients. As a creative agency, we understand how people think and we’re able to tap into our inner marketer to bring your strategy to life, using our combined ideas, developments and designs, by spearheading the conversation in-app.

Last year, we produced a Superheroes themed event and our client wanted to leverage the event app to exercise the light-hearted side of their employer brand. We decided a Superhero name generator was a harmonic way of doing this at the event, but wanted to tailor the results for people so it felt more personal.Benefits of Using a Creative Agency at Your Next EventBenefits of Using a Creative Agency at Your Next Event

We created over 1000 unique names that were gender-specific and role-related, meaning everybody could get into the spirit of things and fly-the-flag for their day-to-day job. We helped to drive the sharing aspect of this forward by taking a leading role in the app to entice delegates to get involved.

Benefits of Using a Creative Agency at Your Next EventBenefits of Using a Creative Agency at Your Next Event

Our primary objective is to develop addictive creative for our strategy, as a mechanic to drive engagement forward and encourage delegates to get involved. This approach has meant our clients are able to capture honest thoughts, measurable analytics and experience a return on investment far exceeding their initial expectations.

Katie Ventre, Events Manager at Shop Direct said “As a world class digital retailer we have high standards for our conference app and HGA develop and deliver a bigger and better app for us each year. It’s themed to the conference and gives attendees innovative ways to engage such as competitions and quizzes.”

I have a bias being part of a creative agency, but what we’re able to bring to the table in terms of idea generation, outside-of-the-box strategies, hand-held success strategies and bespoke development has demonstrated first-hand the huge benefit we are to helping our clients achieve their ambitions. An event app is like many tools – anyone can use them, but it is only in the hands of an expert that you see outstanding results.

HGA is an award-winning creative communications agency specialising in Live Events, Film & Video, Digital and Design.  HGA’s ethos is to challenge the ordinary – creating innovative, effective, unforgettable moments that make a lasting impression and that achieve outstanding results for clients.  For the last 28 years, HGA has delivered compelling and award winning propositions for clients through the execution of game-changing events, jaw-dropping films, immersive digital solutions and stunning design campaigns.

By DoubleDutch Insider | October 6, 2016

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