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DoubleDutch Opens Up to Best-in-Class Partners Glisser and Boomset

Welcome, Glisser! Welcome, Boomset! This week DoubleDutch announced two new ecosystem partners with native integrations into the DoubleDutch Platform.

Glisser - a best-in-class audience response and slide sharing solution. See the Press Release HERE.

Boomset - a best-in-class onsite badge printing service. See the Press Release HERE.

We could not be more excited to work with these two organizations, and we have already implemented the integrations at our own StorySalon event series and Customer Advisory Boards. Both integrations are rock solid and battle-tested, and we believe our customers will enjoy the additional functionality that is now available.

Interestingly, DoubleDutch has its own basic offerings in both onsite check-in/badge printing, and audience response. So, why would we open up our system to potentially competitive services?

Well, it’s about our customers.

DoubleDutch customers tend to prefer best-in-class solutions, across the full event tech stack. Glisser and Boomset do things that we don’t do, and they are broadly considered category leaders in their areas. So, the decision for us to open up and integrate with these services was quite easy.

Both of these integrations were enabled by the DoubleDutch Developer Platform, which gives third-party developers deep access to certain aspects of the DoubleDutch system; for example, a view in the mobile app, a view in the CMS, a big screen view, etc.

So how do these integrations work?  Well, we are not just talking siloed webviews here. Both integrations are Single Sign-On (so attendees don’t need to manage multiple logins), and they offer deep connections between the services.   

The DoubleDutch / Boomset integration, for example, enables subtle functionality like the DoubleDutch App detecting the moment of event check-in via Boomset, which is helpful for networking and sales enablement features. The DoubleDutch / Glisser combination allows attendees to use their DoubleDutch App identity to participate in question and answer and to seamlessly annotate presentation slides, all within the app interface.

DoubleDutch is proud to be the most open event technology platform on the market, and we expect to make additional partner ecosystem announcements soon.

If it’s important to your event to work with best-in-class functionality across the event tech stack, DoubleDutch might be a good option for you. We are proud to increasingly be a center of gravity for some of the best event technology solutions out there.

And if you’re a third-party developer or event tech startup and would like to learn more about integration with DoubleDutch, please check out our Developer Platform documentation.


By Lawrence Coburn | 21 March, 2019

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