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Boost Attendee Networking At Your Next Event – Introducing “People Matching” from DoubleDutch

Networking opportunities are a top priority for attendees of any conference or corporate event. Providing a mobile application with integrated social features makes it easier for your attendees to connect with those who share similar interests.

DoubleDutch apps are specifically designed to facilitate this type of social interaction. Our latest feature, “People Matching”, allows users to tag themselves with a set of interests, and then discover others who share those interests.

Once users have assigned themselves to a particular group, app admins can use the global push messaging feature to send text notifications to a particular group. This can be used to coordinate meetups, or to communicate any topically relevant information that might not be appropriate to send to all attendees.

How People Matching Works For App Users:

1. Tap the “Networking” micro app, then pick from a list of predetermined topics of interest (users are limited to 2 topics). Please note that once your topics are set, they can’t be changed – so choose wisely!

2. You’re done! Now scroll through a list of your matches, or change the filter settings to see who is interested in other topics. Click through to someone’s profile to learn more about them, and follow people who you want to connect with.

Ready to make your next event truly interactive? We’d love to help. Contact us to learn more about our award-winning mobile event apps.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 10 March, 2012

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