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Bringing Positive Social Change At Work

Bringing Positive Social Change At Work

A few months ago, I reached an important milestone in my DoubleDutch 1 year workiversary. It had me feeling extremely sentimental and reflective as I thought back to my very first week at DoubleDutch. I arrived wide eyed and bushy tailed and just had this gut feeling I’d stumbled onto something very special.

Boy, was I right.

Not only do we have a first-in-class platform that I’m proud to empower event marketers to use on a daily basis, but we also have a team of the most enthusiastic, passionate, and genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I experience this sense of purpose and togetherness on a daily basis, but there was one moment in particular from my first week on the job that had a big impact on me. I had the opportunity to volunteer along with other new hires at a local soup kitchen, Martin de Porres. I remember being floored that my new company was so invested in our neighborhood that I was not only allowed, but encouraged, to take time to give back. That experience was the solidifying “a-ha” moment that I’d found the perfect work home.

Here at DoubleDutch HQ, we have an indomitable desire to impact our community in a lasting, meaningful, and positive way. We recognize that living in San Francisco is a huge privilege, and as a member of this precious community, it is our duty to support the on-going efforts to make this city better each and every day. What started out as a sporadic few projects here and there has grown into a grassroots team of dedicated DoubleDutch employees that organizes, promotes, and supports a range of nonprofits within our neighborhood(s).

Thanks to the work of that core community group, our Executive team created an initiative to award each employee 20 hours annually to dedicate to the nonprofit of their choice, echoing the gold standard of service set forth by When a company implements a corporate social responsibility strategy, the benefits to company health, morale, and retention become too numerous to list - in short, it's a no-brainer.  I know from personal experience that after participating in a community project, I come back to the office with a renewed sense of respect and thankfulness for my neighborhood and DoubleDutch.

We’ve made it a priority to create meaningful relationships with organizations in our community that do great work. After all, as any DoubleDutch employee will tell you, we strive to do the best work of our careers here. And our community projects are no different.

We send volunteers to Martin de Porres to serve food to the underprivileged each week. Twice each year we work with Girls on the Run to support their 5k race for elementary school aged girls to instill body confidence and positivity. We work with Mission Techies to ensure that their participants have strong leaders within the tech field to guide them into career readiness. During the holidays we help with local turkey and toy drives.

DoubleDutch has inspired us to keep giving back to the community we share with so many talented and vital organizations, and now we feel it is high time to give these pillars of our community an opportunity to connect with other companies like ours beside whom they live and work every day.

Next Wednesday, we are hosting VECINOS: Connecting Neighbors for Progress, an event aimed at bringing together start-ups and nonprofits in the Mission, Potrero Hill, and SOMA neighborhoods of SF to discuss how we can support one another in an effort to make this beautiful city we call home a better place for all.

Bringing Positive Social Change At Work

VECINOS will take place August 3 @ DD HQ from 6 - 8:30 p.m. Whether you’re a non-profit looking to promote your cause, or a tech company that is looking to expand their corporate social responsibility efforts, we would love to you to join us. In true SF fashion, there will be food, drink, and a panel discussion featuring members from our community partners.

Please RSVP here as space is limited.

Note* If you’re a non-profit interested in attending, please contact to ensure we get all of your organization’s information in our app to facilitate networking and volunteer matching.

Hope to see you there!

By DoubleDutch Insider | July 29, 2016

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