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Case Study: Amdocs InTouch, Powered by DoubleDutch

Amdocs discovered DoubleDutch after learning about Located, the event app designed by DoubleDutch for the TED conferences. The success of that app was evidence enough for Amdocs, and the partnership began.

About Amdocs

Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience systems innovation. The company combines business and operational support systems, service delivery platforms, proven services, and deep industry expertise to enable service providers and their customers to do more in the connected world. Amdocs’ offerings help service providers explore new business models, differentiate through personalized customer experiences, and streamline operations. A global company with revenue of $3.0 billion in fiscal 2010, Amdocs has over 19,000 employees and serves customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Amdocs Events

Amdocs was looking for a way to make their InTouch events more social and mobile-centric.  Since 2001, Amdocs has been hosting InTouch events around the globe.   These events are by invitation only and feature forward-thinking presentations and inspirational sessions.  The events are also designed to enable attendee networking and collaboration.

Eric Schaaf, Design Manager, Amdocs Global Marketing, described the app as a way to help “to build a social network around the event and to have the event information readily available to attendees on the go.”

When asked, “Why did you choose DoubleDutch?”, Schaaf replied that DoubleDutch was a "cost-effective pre-defined set of micro apps that are already tested and easy to implement.”  He also pointed to technical support from the DoubleDutch team as a key factor in the superior quality of the product.


The App

DoubleDutch and Amdocs worked together to bring a comprehensive and effective app into the market for use at all InTouch events.  The first event was InTouch Miami, from May 13-18 (600 registrants). We have powered a second event since then, InTouch Singapore (300 registrants).  The information below is data from the first event only.

The database was pre-populated with 605 user profiles and there was a strong group of active users that did more than simply sign-in to the app. They created a profile, checked into places, added comments, added photos, and more.

App Platforms:

The Amdocs InTouch app includes:

  • Activity Feed – See what other InTouch attendees are doing, who they are connecting with, which sessions are popular, comments, ratings, and more.
  • Profile - Users have entirely self-managed profiles with the option to add a profile photo, log activity, connect with friends, send direct messages, and more.
  • Contacts - Stay in touch with the people you connected with at the event.
  • My Sessions - Keep track of the sessions you want to attend and have attended.
  • Sessions - Have mobile access to the event schedule.  See the details of each session – who is speaking, where the session is located, start and end times, etc.
  • Badges - Collect badges based on number of check-ins, photo uploads, and commenting on others activities.
  • Leaderboard - Monitor your points and social media status compared to your peers at the event.
  • Twitter – Read up on the twitter activity around the official event hashtag, directly available on your phone.

Premium Features

In addition to the conference basics, Amdocs also included five premium features:

  • InTouch TV- Enables conference attendees to view video clips created during the event.  Attendees can comment, rate, and share the videos with others.  InTouch TV was built using the Amdocs Device Abstraction solution: Streamezzo.  This solution allows customizing innovative apps and easily managing them across multiple platforms and mobile OS.
  • InTouch Community- The Amdocs InTouch Community is a web-based portal where you can share knowledge with your peers, create galleries to post rich media, and create and join groups around specific topics and ideas.
  • CommCouch - The CommCouch takes a “lighter” approach to the pains and woes of life as a service provider in the communication industry.  We poke at adversity.  Come have fun with us!
  • Frameworx - Easily navigate your way through the multi-layered models of eTOM. TAM and SID from your iPhone.  Created by Amdocs together with TM Forum, this application will change the perception of industry standards as stuffy, complex, and inaccessible.
  • eBooks - Download links to four Amdocs eBooks from the App Store: Product Lifecycle Management; Prepaid Loyalty; Pay TV; Enterprise Product Catalog.


Promotion was done on-site only at the Miami event. The collateral was comprised of beautiful roll-up banners, handouts, and promo slides. QR codes were used on most of the collateral, to make downloading the apps quick and easy.

The Results

Activity Statistics:

  • 493 check-ins
  • 143 badges earned
  • 46 photos added
  • 71 places added
  • 40 Facebook connections
  • 29 Twitter connections

InTouch TV

  • 201 total views
  • Average time spent: 4:31

InTouch Community

  • 63 total views
  • Average time spent: 2:15


  • 306 total views
  • Average time spent: 3:06


  • 58 total views
  • Average time spent: 2:35


  • 44 total views
  • Average time spent: 3:30

The Future

The InTouch app was used throughout the event in May and will be used at all upcoming Amdocs InTouch events. This app will live on between events, as well, to encourage people to continue to network within the Amdocs app.  It will become the tool for all event attendees to maintain connections with the people they met, stay in the know with all things Amdocs-related, and update the network on their individual progress.

In the future, we hope to gather analytics from multiple events and note data trends over time.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 3 August, 2011

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