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Case Study for Events: Rise of Social Commerce 2010

Last week, anyone who is anyone in social and digital media attended or followed along with the Rise of Social Commerce, an event held in Palo Alto, CA and put on by the esteemed Altimeter Group. The event was intimate and meant to engage the top social media directors working in enterprise, so it made a perfect fit for the event and the DoubleDutch platform. Here were RSC10's goals for the app:

  • Display to their attendees that Altimeter 'walks the walk' in terms of being on the forefront of technology
  • Enable attendees to create a record of the venues they visited while at the conference
  • Create a fun atmosphere around the event, using customized badges
  • Provide more on-hand information about sessions and speakers


Customization #1: check. The Rise of Social Commerce has a distinct brand, and the event organizers at Altimeter wanted it to stand firmly on its own. Beyond simply the icon, splash screen, and logo, the app was skinned to match the RSC10 branding.

Custom Data

Due to the temporary nature of the app, the sessions and panels taking place at RSC10 didn't exist beforehand. No problem, uploading a simple .csv file gave attendees all the sessions, panels, and even speakers for the event, along with photos and descriptions. By the end of the event, there was a 3-way tie for 'most check in to speaker', between Charlene Li, Jeremiah Owyang, and Pete Blackshaw. I guess we'll have to settle that next year.

Game Mechanics

Creating a fun and engaging atmosphere at the event was important, so custom badges and rewards had to be geared toward the RSC10 crowd. Since social media directors don't have the same taste as the National Knitting Conference, the event organizers tailored the prizes appropriately. Badges (such as the ones below) were awarded during use of the app for completing certain actions, such as checking in at different speakers, adding reviews for sessions, and even to the Four Seasons where the event was being held. To reward players, RSC10 gave away an HP computer and printer to those at the top of the leaderboard (and what a mad scramble that created). Additionally, Jeremiah Owyang let everyone know that he would give a bottle of champagne to the person who checked into him the most. I'm still bitter that I didn't win.

The Recap

Simply enough, here is a screen shot of a piece of the analytics dashboard, specifically showing general usage of the app. As you can see, even with an intimate conference like RSC10 and a BlackBerry-focused crowd (for which we currently cover only 6 OS), the RSC10 app had solid usage.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 15 October, 2010

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