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Customer Relationships Happen Between the Lines

Customer Relationships Happen Between the Lines

When the marketing team sat down to brainstorm our holiday campaign, we realized that 2016 was insane. The national news that surrounded our everyday lives made our day-to-day priorities seem almost muted in comparison.  When the Orlando Pulse shooting happened, we immediately leaned on each other and our DoubleDutch PrideTogether group for mourning, understanding, and healing. When we lost the incredibly talented David Bowie, we honored his bravery and creativity by including his music at our LIVE industry conference this fall. And when election news broke, we reached out to each other for answers, on both sides of the matter.

So we decided to forego another cliche “Holiday Campaign,” and bring it back to you. Our CEO, Lawrence Coburn,  sent a humble, thankful email to our customers for their year of innovation and partnership, and then we dove deep into our over 3 BILLION data points to find interesting moments to celebrate you - our customer.

But I really believe the true relationship between vendor and client sits between the lines of contracts, data, emails, support tickets, etc...

Looking back on 2016, there were so many moments between the lines to be proud of. My dad always told me growing up, “you would make an excellent sales person if you had a better golf game.” I’m really terrible at golf, so perhaps that’s why I ended up in marketing instead of sales. I think the game of golf was a metaphor for what happens between the lines with our customers.

Traveling the country, collecting customer stories, I have so many “golf moments” my dad would now be proud of. I went whiskey tasting with the Messe Frankfurt team in Atlanta; have had impassioned discussions about customer success with the folks at Gainsight; shared wedding photos with my friend Ian Austin of HGA in Manchester UK; was inspired by the deep passion for diversity in the boardroom with #EventProfs like Ariana Solis Gomez of HACR; got travel tips when I went to Prague from the best world traveler I know, Hope Arenas of Bosch; and was motivated by marathon runners such as Lorrie Fickas of PF Changs, Inc., and Joanna Robinson of Barclays.

I saw one of our brightest customers, Cassie Muniak, win our #EventProf of the Year award in 2016 and watched as she was not only elevated as an #EventProf within BlackRock, but became a real digital marketing and industry thought-leader. To see someone’s career take shape through the use of our product is often something that often takes my breath away.

“In addition to Cassie being awesome, she’s a ton of fun. I can’t even tell you the stories. But I will say, everything we ate together the week of LIVE had bacon in it, and that’s my type of girl.” - Tristan Mills, BlackRock Account Manager

I hope you take a look at your data, I hope you read the infographic our Creative Director built for you, and I hope in 2017 we can continue to prove your event ROI… I really do. But for right now, before you head to your office party (which you most likely planned!), and move on to your 2017 planning...I would like you to pause and appreciate all of the hard work you have done.

The innovative ways you pushed your events  this year, the countless survey results you examined and, not to mention, the signs you hung, the caterers you might have yelled at, the tears you shed because your entire event strategy changed mid-year, and all the traveling you had to do and leave your loved ones behind for, because… the show must go on!

Lastly, be sure not to discount the most important thing of all... the human connections you have made with your attendees, the event team bonding you have done, and the lifelong friends you have made at DoubleDutch. Because at the end of the day, DoubleDutch is more than just an app. It’s the technology that brings millions of people together and helps create these beautiful, serendipitous moments… all of which are most likely happening over a morning  coffee, during happy hour on the event floor, and maybe even golfing, but definitely all between the lines.

Customer Relationships Happen Between the Lines

By DoubleDutch Insider | 27 December, 2016

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