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A Day in the Life Series - Meet Kyle Louis

A Day in the Life Series - Meet Kyle Louis

Meet Kyle Louis

Title: Mobile Build Engineer
Location: HQ
DoubleDutch Tenure: 5 year


I came to DoubleDutch in November 2012. The team was quite small then and it was very exciting to have an impact every day. While my impact has changed and evolved over nearly 5 years at DoubleDutch, I still find joy in contributing to the goals of the business especially (now) as a remote employee.

The Nitty Gritty

I like the idea of a typical day, but in the world of startups and software, they can be quite the elusive idea. I try to work in consistent processes which allow for greater allowances for context switching. Most every day starts with walking my dog, Sherman and something. I book the first hour of the day for app creation, which in this case means getting new app listings into the App Store and Google Play store. The next hour is going through Zendesk and looking at issues that are coming from our CE team. I try to spend the rest of the morning keeping client apps with upcoming events up to date. The morning also involves syncing up with my colleagues in Amsterdam and I think it's safe to say we enjoy having naturally occurring overlap of working hours. Lunch means another time out walking with Sherman and I try to time it so that I can get on a call with a coworker while I'm out walking around. Working from home means that I can cook lunch for myself and my wife when she's not teaching. More often than not this ends up being tacos. I love tacos. Whipping up a batch of fresh corn tortillas takes almost no time and just about every day there's something fun to throw in those tortillas, from carnitas to some steak that was sous vide the night before, to even just some scrambled eggs with my favorite hot sauce, Picamas. After lunch I have another window for Zendesk as the West Coast is into their work day and new issues and emails come up. When time permits, early afternoon is a great time to update or write a little bit of code to try to automate another process or improve some automation we already have running. I find that my 4-5 o'clock hour is a time that SF/PHX like for meetings so I try to keep that headspace free for them. When things are going well I'm zeroing out queues of tickets and getting everything in good order by about 6:30, but some days that inevitably, stretches longer. The upside of working from home is that I don't really have to consider a commute.

Things I Love

I listen to a lot of podcasts and make a few as well. Sometimes I will listen to an edit of one of my own podcasts while I'm sorting through email or upcoming tasks. I also love tacos, but we've covered that topic as well. While I do like the working remotely, I enjoy and treasure the times that I go back and visit SF or PHX and hopefully back to Amsterdam again sometime soon. Also my dog, he's pretty great.

What Challenges You?

I split time zones and depending on the day I could really use a few more hours with AMS or SF. Beyond that managing a very large cadre of apps is a daunting tasks, but through process and automation, and a lot of help building tools from fellow engineers, it all gets done! A puppy is equal parts exciting and tiring but I love the challenge and when he does a trick or is affectionate it makes it all worth it.

What Energizes You?

COFFEE! Dog(s)! (Ryan said this exact same thing). About a year ago I bought an espresso machine and that's been an adventure in patience and effort, but I feel like I can extract some pretty darn good espresso on a fairly consistent basis.

Proudest Accomplishment So Far?

I have written some code that makes codesigning a lot easier and every time I use it or tell a customer about, I feel a sense of pride. It also makes me happy because it takes a process that was cumbersome and makes it simple, safer and better.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 23 October, 2017

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