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A Day in the Life Series - Meet Ryan Finn

A Day in the Life Series - Meet Ryan Finn

 Meet Ryan Finn

Title: Enterprise Account Manager
Location: Phoenix
DoubleDutch Tenure: ~1 year


I came to DoubleDutch in December 2016. The Phoenix startup scene is hot right now and I was looking for a company with a world-class mobile platform, a great culture, and was hoping to be closer to home in central Phoenix (I’m a native Phoenician and love everything about my hometown). The office in Downtown Phoenix checked every single item off my list and more.

The Nitty Gritty

Oh “typical days”….Is there such a thing? The one thing that does remain consistent in my morning routine is coffee. As far as I know, no one has ever been hospitalized from drinking too many soy lattes, but let’s just say I’m testing the limits.

Generally, my day actually starts before I get to work with a quick email glance to ensure there’s no fires. After a quick Peloton ride, I head into the office and get plugged in for the day. This usually also involves making sure the office jambox gets turned on and cranking out good tunes to set a proper tone for the day.

From there, I ensure my calendar and appointments are in line for client meetings throughout the day. I also make sure I am armed with any supplemental info I might need heading into client calls whether it’s discussing a renewal, attendee engagement, or integration questions. My main tasks at DoubleDutch include managing client relationships, contracts, and growth opportunities with our clients. Events are all different, and so are all of our clients, which makes every day different from the last.

Oh – and sometimes I bring my dog to work. Her name is Margot. So on days she’s here there’s usually a couple of runs downstairs to take her out.

Things I Love

We already addressed how obsessed I am with Phoenix, right?

I also love our office/culture/people. When I was scoping out new opportunities, I wanted to be sure I was surrounded by driven and fun people looking to succeed as much as I was. As a smaller office, it’s awesome being able to connect with folks in a more meaningful way than some of the larger offices I’ve worked at for other companies in the past.

What Challenges You?

Well, if there’s one thing that’s consistent in tech, it’s that as much as we all want it to work 100% of the time, sometimes it fails us. Having to be the bearer of bad news to a client is probably the most challenging thing I face (but luckily these instances seem to be few and far between).

What Energizes You?

COFFEE! Dogs! And as lame as it might sound – the view from our office. We’re on the third floor from the top  of our building – you can pretty much see the entire “Valley of the Sun” from up here.

Proudest Accomplishment So Far?

One thing I’m particularly proud of is, in addition to my day to day responsibilities, is that DoubleDutch allows its employees to give back in meaningful ways. We’re given annual volunteer hours we can use at our discretion, and I organize a lot of our office sponsored philanthropy (codenamed: Communiteam). We’ve volunteered at local nonprofits serving dinner to needy families and even volunteered at a local summer camp program in the Garfield neighborhood (which is right next door).

By Ryan Finn | 3 October, 2017

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