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All New: Digital Business Cards, Scan Leads & Connections With Ease

Dig Business cards

At DoubleDutch we believe real-world, in-person connections can be enhanced with digital tools. Which is why we are excited to announce a new networking tool for attendees within our Event App: Digital Business Cards.

Your attendees can finally ditch those paper business cards! The last thing anyone wants to do after a long event is pull a hundred business cards out of a bag and input them all into a CRM. With Digital Business Cards, attendees can now exchange contact information with another attendee by scanning and exchanging their personal card.

Within the Event App, attendees simply navigate to their Digital Business Card section of the app to either share their information via “share my info” or scan someone else's information via “scan info.”

Personal_Leads_Default.png QR Code@2x.png

Attendees can also customize their contact information depending on the situation. Does an attendee only want select people to see their mobile number? They can hide it before sharing with the masses. What if they wear multiple hats at their company? They can customize their title dependent on audience.

Edit Info@2x.png

After all that networking, an attendee's scanned contacts will all be listed within the event app under the Digital Business Cards section for easy access. Do your attendees want to pull their contacts out of the app? We got you covered and your attendees can export scanned contacts via email, text, Slack, or any other sharing platform on your phone.

To add personal leads to your next event, visit the the “Discover More” tab within the CMS and make sure your apps are updated to the latest version (7.16).

For more information on how Digital Business Cards works:

Learn How To Use Digital Business cards

Digital Business Cards is one of the many free features built on our developer platform. Do you have a great idea to bring the power of the digital world to physical events? Build an extension with the DoubleDutch Development Kit or reach out to me with questions!

By Adam Liechty | 6 March, 2018

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