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DoubleDutch Case Study for Events: Collinson Media Pink Party

As a company that provides innovative solutions to clients, Collinson Media knows to lead by example. For their annual Pink Party, an event devoted to breast cancer awareness at the recent DMAI Conference, they had several goals for the 2010 version:

  • Strengthen the existing community
  • Appeal to and bring in new members to the Pink Party
  • Extend the event offline to engage the community
  • Provide new and exciting ways to interact around and during the event
  • Receive feedback from attendees about their favorite aspects of the event


Why Pink Party Succeeded


Starting 30 days before the event, Collinson began promoting its Pink Party hand in hand with their GeoSocial app. They used online announcements through their website, sent a newsletter to their mailing list of attendees, and put early and strong effort into solid branding and design of their white label app.


Collinson's Pink Party specifically took advantage of their custom badges. They incentivized gaming and fun through the app, using the leaderboard, custom badges, and adding venues. One of the venues that had the most check ins was actually a Collinson executive. An attendee added the exec as a venue, and others checked in to the exec whenever they were around him. An example of the creativity used by the Pink Party team was to award a special badge for anyone who could snap a photo of a certain special guest using the app. It definitely paid off, as users averaged 4.6 check ins each for a six hour conference.

Custom tab

In order to get the ball rolling with those not familiar with GeoSocial applications, Pink Party used their custom tab to provide videos and information around using the app. They also provided timely event information in order to help attendees stay on top of what was upcoming for the night. It must have worked, Pink Party saw a 60% engagement rate!

Great branding of white label

Through and through, the Collinson Pink Party app was branded to perfection. We salute the design team at Collinson, who used the DoubleDutch white label platform to its fullest. Icons, splash screens, color scheme, and even the custom tab spoke to the attendees of Pink Party event in a way no other app could.


As the largest party at the DMAI conference, Pink Party stole the show:

  • 114 users out of a potential 200 attendees for 57% engagement
  • 527 check-ins for an average of 4.6 check ins per user
  • 94 reviews
  • 183 new venues and activities added by users
Quick Look: Analytics

Pink Party also has access to our robust analytics dashboard in order to view how their attendees interacted with the event. In addition to the interactive heat map (as shown below via screenshots), Collinson also sees top venues, stickers and points awarded, and trend breakdowns. They can use this to tailor future events and further strengthen their already high-quality engagement.

By DoubleDutch Insider | August 10, 2010

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