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DoubleDutch Helps Apttus Take Accelerate 2015 To The Next Level

Apttus, the leading provider of Quote to Cash solutions, hosted their third annual conference, Accelerate from April 7 to 10, 2015.  Accelerate provided business professionals with the opportunity to network with individuals from esteemed companies, industry thought-leaders, and Apttus executives, all of whom are dedicated to customer success and product innovation in the Quote-to-Cash space. In addition to expansive knowledge sharing and product presentations, Accelerate hosted inspirational keynote speakers such as NBA hall of famer Magic Johnson and renowned Mount Everest climber Paul Deegan.

Following the major success from the previous two years, Apttus wanted to elevate Accelerate 2015 to the next level. To do so, Apttus partnered with DoubleDutch to launch a branded mobile application for Accelerate 2015. The main goal of the app was to  build community around the conference by sparking attendee interaction and engagement. With the assistance of DoubleDutch, Apttus was able to not only achieve these goals, but were also able to enhance the overall experience for their attendees.

User Adoption

The official Accelerate mobile app received exceptional user adoption, with over 58% of attendees downloading the app. Over the course of Accelerate, the app had nearly 34,000 visits, with 82.8% of users visiting the app 10 or more times. Attendees found the app to be extremely useful and convenient because they were able to view the agenda at their fingertips and bookmark their favorite sessions, creating their own personal schedule.

Interaction and Engagement

Attendees were also interacting with one another throughout their time at Accelerate. Over the course of four days, there were a total of 215,783 various actions taken within the app. These actions consisted of 2,992 updates, 32,027 post likes, 4,581 comments, nearly 1,500 photos, and more. The activity feed was constantly getting updated at a rapid pace, as attendees were posting statuses and photos by the minute. At one point during Accelerate, attendees formed their own trending hashtag #WheresGeorge? which began as a playful joke about an Apttus employee who had gone from extremely active on the activity feed, to dormant. In addition, the app’s gamification features heavily incentivized attendees to take actions in the app – over 51,500 points were earned during the event and many individuals were highly enthusiastic over the leaderboard on GameDay, which was displayed over two 80 inch TV screens.

The Accelerate mobile app was a huge success and had customers, prospects, and Apttus employees buzzing about it throughout the conference!

By DoubleDutch Insider | April 22, 2015

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