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DoubleDutch Named “Best Mobile Startup” at The Next Web ‘10 Conference

Last week, our fearless leaders took a trip to Amsterdam (for business purposes, I swear). We were chosen as a finalist and presented in front of an esteemed panel at The Next Web '10 Conference as a part of the Paypal X Startup Rally. After being narrowed from 450 applicants, the three day event saw our very own Lawrence Coburn present along with 22 other startups. At the end of it all, DoubleDutch was named as the Best Mobile Startup! In 2010, the proclaimed "Year of the Mobile", that gets us super pumped. Here are a few photos from the event.


And who decided this? Here are a few of the judges:

Zee Kane [editor in chief TheNextWeb and chairman of the Jury of Experts]

Zee is based in London and Editor in Chief at The Next Web. Tech Blogger, Design Connoisseur, Social Media Junkie & Web Application devotee.

Werner Vogels [CTO Amazon]

Werner Vogels is CTO of and a beloved guest of The Next Web. Werner is chosen as Chief of the Year 2009 by Information Week and besides all just a great guy.

Stewart Townsend [Sun]

Stewart manages the Sun Startup Essentials programme for Europe. He loves fast cars, the country, walks and lots of gadgets.

Robin Wauters [Techcrunch]

Robin is a TechCrunch blogger, event organizer (Plugg) and entrepreneur (Oxynade, Talking Heads). Lover of shiny new objects and fancy web apps.

Tim Ferriss

Timothy Ferriss is the author of the book The 4-hour work week. He is also a start-up angel investor and guest lecturer at Princeton University.

Bart Manuel [Forthehack]

Bart is founder of Tam Tam and partner at Forthehack, the idea and concept factory specializing in funding and launching early stage startups.

Not bad for only being six weeks removed from our launch! While an award from one of the top technology conferences in the world won't go to our heads, we are definitely excited to have started off with some great recognition of what we are doing.

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By DoubleDutch Insider | 7 May, 2010

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