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DoubleDutch Partners with Technovation to Teach Young Girls to Code

This spring, the DoubleDutch team partnered with Technovation, a global technology entrepreneurship program, to teach young women how to code and create successful business strategies. As part of the program, DoubleDutch employees mentored students from San Francisco's Immaculate Conception Academy; helping to bring their app ideas to life.

The program is coming to an end, and the students are in the DoubleDutch offices practicing their pitch.


Technovation Pitch Ideas

The Sparkly Giraffes created an app called Holler, which comes to the rescue when you're in danger. By simply opening the app and pressing the emergency button, you can send an alert to a local police station with your exact location. If you have contacts set up in the application, it can also alert them that you're in trouble.

Planet PlanIt helps students become more efficient at completing important tasks like homework and studying. Developed by the Fantas-tech Four, Planet PlanIt enables users to set due dates and milestones to better prioritize tasks in both list and calendar formats.

Deviate developed inTouch, a mobile application to inform students about high school events and activities happening in their area. By creating a platform where local students can easily discover nearby events, Deviate hopes to create a more interconnected community.

Cultural Connection, developed by Breaking Barriers, is an app to help break down cultural barriers in the community. The simple and creative way of bringing social interaction between communities provides paths to explore neighborhoods safely and securely.

TechStars developed an app called College Path to act as a resource for high school students during the college application process. With so many forms, essays, and deadlines, applying to college can be a daunting task for many high school students. College Path is here to help.


DoubleDutch Community Manifesto

At DoubleDutch, it's our belief that successful organizations are those that leave a positive impact on the community. We know giving back is paramount to our success, and we are thrilled to partner with Technovation. 


By DoubleDutch Insider | 1 May, 2014

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