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DoubleDutch Powers CITE

Today DoubleDutch is making a splash at the CITE Conference (The Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise) for the second year in a row. We, obviously, love this event since is speaks to two primary DoubleDutch beliefs: mobilizing the workforce and consumerizing enterprise technology. We are so passionate about it, in fact, that Lawrence Coburn, our CEO and co-founder, was asked to speak on a panel.

He will be joined by Brian Katz, Director, Mobility Engineering at Global Infrastructure Services, Sanofi Sanjib Sahoo, Chief Technology Officer at tradeMONSTER and moderated by Matt Rosoff, Editorial Director at CITEworld. He joins this expert panel in a discussion about building mobile enterprise apps and micro apps that meet users' needs. How to bring enterprise apps the functionality and ease of use they never thought they'd see at work. Bring your questions about strategy, approaches, app stores, containers and more and get true lessons learned from an audience of peers. Learn more about the session here.

Other thought leaders will also be at CITE, so make sure to download the official mobile conference app for iPhone or Android to connect with them. Our favorites include Benjamin Robbins and Maribel Lopez.

By DoubleDutch Insider | June 3, 2013

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