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DoubleDutch Receives $45 Million in Funding: The Next Stage of Our Growth

There is some big news out of DoubleDutch today — we’ve announced a new $45 million round of funding, led by KKR.

While the funding is not an achievement in itself, it is a resounding validation of the work we’ve been doing towards bringing the power and magic of software to events and conferences around the world.

We are incredibly excited about our next stage of growth. So what’s next for team DoubleDutch you ask?

Exploring new ways to engage attendees. Activity feeds, social profiles, and game mechanics are the foundational elements of our platform - and the way we’ve built these key elements are what sets DoubleDutch software apart.  Stay tuned for what’s to come… we are heads down building what we believe is the next generation of attendee engagement functionality.

Capturing even more signal. We believe the key to bringing events into the digital age is providing insight into what’s actually happening on the show floor. Whether it’s working with our customers to get more attendees into the app, or focusing our product roadmap on functionality that drives maximum engagement, or weaving low energy Bluetooth beacons into the event experience, we are laser focused on gathering maximum signal to understand precisely what is happening at DoubleDutch-enabled events and conferences. This is the most valuable marketing data in the world, and understanding this data better will help each stakeholder generate maximum ROI from their event spend.

Unlocking new revenue streams for our customers. We strongly believe that events are the greatest B2B marketing channel in the world. But we also believe that lots of business is currently being left on the table, and that software can help. Much more to follow in this area.

Of course $45 million allows us to do many other things that will be beneficial to our customers:

  • Security. We have always placed a very high premium on the security of our customers’ data - funding allows us to double down on these initiatives.
  • Services and Support. Event planners are some of the busiest people on the planet, and part of our mandate with this new funding will be to make deployment and support of DoubleDutch software even easier.
  • Scale and Reliability. Staying up under the load of hundreds or thousands of concurrent events is no simple task.  With our ambitions to be the software UI for the lion’s share of the world’s events and conferences, building for scale will require a huge investment.

We are looking forward to exploring how software can solidify events’ standing as the greatest marketing channel in the world.

To sum it all up, it’s a big day at DoubleDutch, but the work has only just begun....

Read the official announcement here.

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By Lawrence Coburn | August 11, 2015

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