DoubleDutch Selected as Finalist for The Next Web Paypal X Startup Rally at TNW 2010 Conference in Amsterdam

Set to shine a spotlight on the 25 hottest startups from around the world, The Next Web 2010 Conference is going to be the coming out party for DoubleDutch. Strange coincidence that the event is held in Amsterdam?

About TNW 2010 Conference and Paypal X Startup Rally

Together with Paypal X, TNW is working to present an even bigger and more prestigious Startup Rally compared to last year. Out of 245 submissions and after multiple jury rounds, TNW selected the finalists to present their new stuff on main stage during The Next Web Conference. Over 1200 influential Internet professionals from 30+ countries come together in Amsterdam for 3 days of inspiration and business, including the likes of Sun, Google, and Microsoft. It truly is one of the top tech conferences each year, and we are honored to be presenting on the main stage. DoubleDutch is scheduled for Thursday, April 29th (see the whole agenda).


The Judging

Who decides the winner? We present the jury panel of experts.

Zee Kane [editor in chief TheNextWeb and chairman of the Jury of Experts]

Zee is based in London and Editor in Chief at The Next Web. Tech Blogger, Design Connoisseur, Social Media Junkie & Web Application devotee.

Werner Vogels [CTO Amazon]

Werner Vogels is CTO of and a beloved guest of The Next Web. Werner is chosen as Chief of the Year 2009 by Information Week and besides all just a great guy.

Stewart Townsend [Sun]

Stewart manages the Sun Startup Essentials programme for Europe. He loves fast cars, the country, walks and lots of gadgets.

Robin Wauters [Techcrunch]

Robin is a TechCrunch blogger, event organizer (Plugg) and entrepreneur (Oxynade, Talking Heads). Lover of shiny new objects and fancy web apps.

Marcus Polke [Acton Capital]

Marcus is with Acton Capital, the Munich-based VC firm. For 15 years he now enjoys happily working with A-list companies, as in Amazon, AOL, Abebooks and Acton.

Renato Valdes Olmos [My name is E]

Renato founded last year’s startup rally winner My name is E. He’s an entrepeneur and designer with a keen eye for mobile apps and web services.

Sam Rosenbalm [Microsoft]

Sam Rosenbalm is Director of Community Development for Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team (EBT). His team is responsible for fostering global partnerships between Microsoft, the venture investing community, startup companies and an ecosystem of supporting service providers.

Davor Hebel [Fidelity Growth Partners]

Davor is a Principal in the London office of Fidelity Growth Partners and focuses on internet and software investments. He is currently on the Board of Directors of Asset Control and Seatwave.

Tim Ferriss

Timothy Ferriss is the author of the book The 4-hour work week. He is also a start-up angel investor and guest lecturer at Princeton University.

Amina Belghiti [Paypal]

Amina manages the PayPal Developer Platform & New Ventures for Europe. She loves simple & elegant consumer apps, working with startups and shopping in all its forms.

Amanda Lauter [MailChimp]

Amanda is chief marketing at MailChimp.

Bart Manuel [Forthehack]

Bart is founder of Tam Tam and partner at Forthehack, the idea and concept factory specializing in funding and launching early stage startups.

A few quotes about the event:

“What sets the The Next Web apart is a focus on the internet as a key driver for a global market. Their international view is unique, making their blogs a must read and their conferences a must attend for professionals like me who do business around the globe” - Werner Vogels, Amazon

“One of the most complete technology conferences in all Europe. Where developers, entrepreneurs, visionaries and regular users get together to exchange ideas, collaborate and share experiences with one another” - Claudio Cossio

“I thought I knew what was going on in the web world! Then I went to Nextweb!!!” – Jeff Coe, Sevenload

What DoubleDutch Will Be Doing

As it says in our blurb on TNW, we will be announcing new stuff at the TNW 2010 Conference. But you will have to wait until April 27-29th to see what that is. That's right, we're pulling an Apple and going covert ops on this release. If one of our employees leaves the PowerPoint at a bar they are so fired.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 20 April, 2010

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