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DoubleDutch - GeoSocial Apps for Enterprises

As of January, 2012, DoubleDutch has discontinued the partnership with Ning.

DoubleDutch no longer makes Ning community mobile apps.

DoubleDutch is focused entirely on mobile, cloud-based, geosocial applications for events and enterprise workgroups. These applications are designed to engage employees, capture real-time data, and unlock valuable enterprise insight. Our product team now focuses on our award-winning mobile event application.

DoubleDutch mobile apps empower users to seamlessly share their work activities (like visiting a customer, attending a keynote presentation, making a sales call, etc) on an interactive mobile platform. This engagement supercharges existing enterprise systems (like event management systems, customer relationship management systems, etc) and gathers more accurate, real-time data. This data unlocks valuable insight into your event, sales team, or other enterprise workgroup.

In use by some of the world’s most innovative organizations, including HP, ad:Tech, Interop, IDG, Cisco Systems, Adobe, RightNow Technologies, UBM, and Lowe’s, DoubleDutch helps companies tap into mobile, social functionality to maximize engagement, boost productivity and create radical transparency across every line of business.

To learn more about our enterprise products, please feel free to contact us.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 19 October, 2010

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