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DoubleDutch teams-up with Chicago TechWeek

DoubleDutch is founded on innovative social technology designed to help people connect with the things that matter.

Chicago TechWeek is defined by the slogan “Discover + Innovate + Connect.”

See a parallel? Yeah, we did too. When midVentures asked us to power the official mobile app for TechWeek, it seemed like a natural fit.

Today we launched a fully-featured Chicago TechWeek app to run natively on iPhone and Android, plus an html5 version. This is a whole new kind of app. It's designed to be the mobile, social app for Chicago TechWeek -- before, during and after the event. The content and usage will extend beyond the event itself, leveraging the value of the closed TechWeek network on the mobile phone.

We expect mobile and social to be key features of this event, so the app enables smartphone users to:

-connect and engage with other conference attendees

-discover impromptu gatherings and after-parties

-access interactive guides to TechWeek events

-share details on the seminars and activities they plan to participate in

TechWeek is a week-long festival, conference, and expo celebrating the technology, web and interactive communities. Over 2000 entrepreneurs, business leaders, and innovators are expected to attend. As DoubleDutch is the main player in the mobile, social enterprise space, we are excited to power the app for such an impressive group of people.

Download the app for free:

For iPhone:

For Android:

For Web:

All TechWeek apps can be found here (mobile optimized landing page):

Enjoy! #techwk

By DoubleDutch Insider | 22 July, 2011

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