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DoubleDutch to go Big on Live Events in 2019

Tomorrow evening in Phoenix (Wednesday, January 16), DoubleDutch will be hosting the first of what we expect to be a 50 event series of boutique events around the world.  The events are called StorySalons, and they are part story-telling karaoke, part tech-assisted networking, and part magic and serendipity.

DoubleDutch technology will be integrated throughout the entire experience (including some cutting edge, non-released features), and the target audience is marketing, communications, tech, and event executives.

Why such a large investment in live events?

Well, there are a couple of big buckets of reasons:

  1. We have lots of ideas how tech can make face-to-face better.  Over the last few years, we have learned countless best practices from our customers and cooked up some crazy ideas in our lab that we can’t wait to try out.  This our chance to start hacking on our own events.
  2. We strive to be a company of event planners.  What better way to make our customers’ lives easier than to walk in their shoes?
  3. There is no marketing channel like events.  Our company exists to serve this format, and we passionately believe that live events are the last authentic channel of marketing.

While the events are invite only, we’ll be in the following cities in the next few months:

  • Phoenix

  • New York City

  • San Francisco

  • Philadelphia

  • Boston

  • Washington, DC

  • Seattle

  • Boston

  • Amsterdam

Sound like something you might want to check out?  Here’s the link to learn more and subscribe for updates about events near you:

My promise to you; these events will be raw, authentic, experimental, and thought-provoking.   We ran a couple of prototype events last year, and let’s just say that there were some tears, and hopefully, life long connections made.

2019 is the year that DoubleDutch goes big on events, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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By Lawrence Coburn | 15 January, 2019

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