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DoubleDutch Wins Best and Brightest Company Award

This week we got some pretty exciting news; DoubleDutch was named one of the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” in the San Francisco Bay Area by the National Association for Business Resources. We all love working here, but it’s great to receive the recognition - and who doesn’t love winning?

The “Best and Brightest” awards are given annually, and companies are evaluated by an independent research firm based on various metrics including compensation, employee education and development, recruitment, diversity, community initiatives and strategic company performance. The winners are chosen for exhibiting innovative strategies to engage their employees and best practices in their field.

DoubleDutch was one of 52 winners, chosen from a pool of 280 nominees. Other winners include, Zipcar and Prezi. While certain hard data points like growth and stability certainly came into play, a large part of the selection-process was based on anonymous employee surveys measuring things like work-life balance and employee satisfaction - or what we like to call, culture.

Here at DoubleDutch, culture plays a huge role in how we recruit and how we succeed. We’re growing like crazy, but we are still committed to hiring the best and the brightest. To us, that’s not just about being the best at sales, or engineering or marketing or business development, it’s about being passionate and excited to come into work every day, and discover new ways to innovate and succeed.

Want to join our fast-growing, team of the best and the brightest? We’re hiring! Click here to see our job openings.

By DoubleDutch Insider | November 7, 2014

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