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Bronze Medal in Event Technology Awards 2011

DoubleDutch is happy to announce that we have won 3rd place in Event Marketer's "Event Technology Awards" for 2011. This speaks volumes to the impact we have made on the market, and the impact DoubleDutch has on a company like Cisco.

From Event Marketer:

Interactive technology, apps, microsites, virtual events. Social media, geo-location, augmented reality, touch and gesture. It’s official. The event industry has gone high-tech with online and on-site crashing together like never before.

Bronze: Best use of a Custom App

Campaign: The Event App

Client: Cisco

Partner: DoubleDutch

Here's the write-up from the Official Event Technology Awards Announcement:

Sometimes the promise of cool content and everlasting friendship just isn’t enough to hold on to the average event attendee’s attention span as they board their flights home. Cisco took on the challenge this year with a custom app that rewarded customers for participation in its events and bridged the gap between multiple events and multiple platforms to create one ongoing “social mobile” experience.

Here’s how it works: Cisco lists all of its virtual and physical events in the app and each time a user participates in an activity, the user receives points. The more an attendee participates, the more points and program badges they earn, making them eligible for random prize drawings and other rewards. The app also acts as a networking tool that allows users to connect, share comments, play games, rate items and provide feedback to Cisco staffers in real time.

By creating specific activity “check-ins,” the app is also able to weed out a lot of off-topic social media noise typically generated at an event and focus on a particular topic, making it easy for Cisco and for participants to follow conversations and contribute. The check-ins also help encourage conversation between live and virtual attendees through proactive engagement drivers such as poll questions, tweetchats, live video broadcasts, live tweets and live “check-in” conversations.

The Cisco Events App has been leveraged at 32 events in the last 10 months and has so far earned more than 4,400 users and rewarded users with over 4,500 badges.

Many thanks to Event Marketer for the recognition... and to Cisco, one of our favorite clients!

By DoubleDutch Insider | 8 December, 2011

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