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DoubleDutch + Women’s March on Washington App

DoubleDutch + Women’s March on Washington App

Following the outpouring of pride and success from our participation in Women’s March on Washington, we are happy to announce a new initiative: DoubleDutch Connect. Redefining Human Connection. Inspiring Social Change.

Each year, DoubleDutch will donate 12 software licenses to causes and events that are important to the people that make our company the great place it is. Employees will have the opportunity to nominate nonprofits that inspire them, and use their 20 volunteer hours to work in a cross functional project team. It is our hope that by using our technology to bring communities together around common themes of positive social impact, we will be able to do our part in giving back to these important nonprofits.

In late 2016, a thought entered our collective DoubleDutch conscious. It sounded something like, “Hey! We have a great product, how can we use it to empower causes that matter to us as a company, build community, and maybe even make the world a better place along the way?”

We’ve always been a brand that prides ourselves on the way our software brings like-minded people together to achieve powerful business outcomes. Now it was our turn to give back and use that same technology to support underfunded, underresourced, and underrepresented communities and causes aimed at achieving powerful social outcomes.

The Women’s March on Washington was already a topic of conversation among many of us around the proverbial water cooler (ie- Slack). After a little brainstorming, excited chatter, and project planning, we sprung into motion to discover how we could get involved.

The Saturday before the march, myself, a data researcher, a lawyer, and two engineers walked into a coffee shop — not the start of a bad joke, but the start of a beautiful moment that has since turned into a movement at DoubleDutch. We spent hours huddled together, mapping things out, whiteboarding design, and curating content for what was soon to become the official Women’s March On Washington app.

Everything that followed was a whirlwind of conference calls with the national organizers, late nights at the office, and at times, a bit of nervousness. By the day of the march, we had over 170k people in the app — using it to coordinate rides, make new friends, and safely navigate the route. We even got a celebrity shout out or two — looking at you, Olivia Wilde (thanks, #girlpower) and had representation from all 50 states and across the globe.  All of the tireless hours and energy paid off big time with the pure electricity, excitement, and sense of “togetherness” that has filled our office since we started marching down this road.

If you have questions about how you can be considered for employee nomination, please reach out to

By DoubleDutch Insider | 21 February, 2017

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