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Dreamforce, Parties, and Data: The Return of Partyforce


It’s that time of year again. The biggest and best B2B business software event of the year, Dreamforce, is just around the corner. If you work in software it’s our Burning Man, our Olympics, our Carnivale, all rolled into one. It’s also the crown sales and marketing jewel of the most powerful SaaS company in the world, and the pinnacle of the B2B live events world.

A few years ago, DoubleDutch hacked together a little app to help Dreamforce attendees connect with each other around the many, many parties that pop up during the week of Dreamforce.

We’ve seen big growth in our little side project – here are some numbers.

Check out last year’s recap to see what trended!

We are pleased to announce the return of Partyforce for the fifth straight year (and are very appreciative of Salesforce’s support of the project).

You can download the app here.

This year, we are setting out to try and answer a few questions:

  • Can we surface personalized party recommendations to Partyforce users that resonate, and perhaps influence behavior?
  • Can we facilitate introductions between conference participants?
  • Can we measure Party ROI through Partyforce data exhaust?
  • And finally, can draw from Live Engagement Marketing to augment the Dreamforce party experience by layering in a digital component?

We are going to be testing some very experimental stuff.  Personalized recommendation cards.  Tinder like people discovery.  Programmatic persona mapping.  

So get in there.  Browse the parties.  Message and coordinate meet-ups with other attendees.  Check in to the cocktail you are drinking, and compete with others for the top Partier of Dreamforce.

We shall see if there are interesting learnings that fall out of the engagement data – we suspect there will be.


By Lawrence Coburn | September 23, 2016

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