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DoubleDutch Offsite 2018: Using Our App for Employee Engagement

 Last week the entire DoubleDutch team met in the valley of the sun for an unforgettable company offsite jam-packed with goal setting, learning, and even some karaoke.

While getting people to Phoenix from various locations around the country and globe (New York, Denver, Amsterdam, and San Francisco, just to name a few) there were so many questions that needed to be answered leading up to the event and throughout. 

 Jackie Roberts, our GM and meeting planner for the event says:

"Before we launched the app, I noticed I was spending a lot of time fielding one-off questions from excited DoubleDutchers looking for early details.  Answering those questions took time away from what was important – making sure our event was a success.  Once we launched the app, the questions stopped coming, as all the information our team needed was right in the app. This helped me focus on last minute details and really ensure our event was a complete success!"

From speaker agendas to orchestrating all the fun that happened when sessions let out, our app was instrumental in organizing the event and keeping employees engaged with the content and happenings. Here are all the ways that our team interacted with the app and used it for our 2018 company offsite:


Stay & Travel Information

One of the most vital ways the app facilitated our company offsite was by offering information to our employees on things like:

  • Where they were staying
  • Flight information
  • What to bring
  • Weather updates, and info
  • Places to see and things to do

This saves time for a busy event planner who does not have the time to answer 50 questions about accommodations and logistics.  As Jackie stated, this allowed her to spend more time coordinating day-of details.




Like most events, we lived by our agenda for our offsite, which kept things running smoothly. It was available ahead of time, so we could make arrangements and plans on where we needed to be and when.  This kept employee engagement high throughout the days and ensured no one missed any important schedule changes.


DoubleDutch Trivia

Our engineers never cease to amaze us – they came prepared with a brand new feature to lead us in a game of trivia over lunch and then through a "recap quiz" to cap day one of content.  Not only was the feature polished – and fun to play – but they were able to create it in about a week, which is pretty incredible!  Our Engineering Manager, Adam Liechty, says:

"We knew we wanted to release a trivia feature in Q2, so what better time to test our idea than at the company offsite?  It was a great demo to show what DDDP [DoubleDutch Developer Platform] can enable our customers to do."    


Icebreaker Espionage

While this was not the first time DoubleDutchers have played Icebreaker Espionage, it was fun to have everyone from our various offices playing at the same time.  Icebreaker Espionage is a "spy" themed game where you are given a secret mission to get another player out through various methods (placing a sticker on their back, handing them a drink, or in our case getting them to say the word "App.")  The game is facilitated by the DoubleDutch App, again another great DoubleDutch Developer Platform feature we recently added for our customers to use as well. 

When bringing together teams of people who may have never met before in-person, we highly recommend giving this game a try at your next internal meeting to take your employee networking and team building to a fun new level.


Live Q&A

We ask a lot of questions around here and we were excited to use this new React Native feature, also built in the DoubleDutch Developer Developer Platform, with our whole company adding inquiries throughout the day.  Each session had its own Live Q&A where the most pressing questions get voted to the top while the less pressing questions are answered last (or if time didn't permit tabled).  

Another perk to this feature: at internal meetings, like this one, some employees may not engage in Q&A sessions due to fear of "asking a stupid question" and this feature really takes that fear away.  We don't believe in stupid questions around here, but we do believe in providing an outlet for anonymity, so during live Q&A sessions employees have the option of asking questions anonymously during sessions. 


Capturing and sharing the best moments

Last but certainly not least, the activity feed helped us to capture memorable moments throughout the week bringing us all closer to together.  From content session highlights to paella making and karaoke, right up to our last day working all-together (for the first time in person) at the Phoenix office – every moment was captured. 

Cheers from Team DoubleDutch!


By Kayla Tarantino | 16 April, 2018

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