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mLearnCon: Inspiring Mobile-Based Education with DoubleDutch

The eLearning Guild is proud to present mLearnCon, the premiere conference and expo for learning professionals exploring mobile technologies. This event brings together Training Directors, Training Managers, CLOs (Chief Learning Officers), and Instructional Designers to discuss mobile technologies and how they can be used to enhance learning.

 Why DoubleDutch?

This event was a perfect fit for DoubleDutch. The DoubleDutch mobile event app is optimized for content consumption and creation... which is what the eLearning crowd is all about. Both companies are constantly trying to find a way to leverage technology to educate, engage, and excite.

"Without question, this is the best event app I've ever seen. It enhances your conference experience. The social aspects of the app are done very well, and participation is naturally encouraged. It’s not just a program guide -- it's meant to enhance your overall conference experience. DoubleDutch delivered."

- David Kelly (Program Director, The eLearning Guild)


The mLearnCon App Details

During this event, eLearning Guild will be using sponsored messaging in-app, one of DoubleDutch's newer features. Several vendors have gotten the opportunity to elevate their brand throughout the app, and plan to showcase a mix of text and image content toward attendees during very specific time frames. We’re looking forward to seeing how our audience responds to this messaging and analyzing the overall response.

Gamification is something they are also excited to implement in their mLearnCon app. They have created custom badges for our participants to earn, which adds a lot of flavor, polish, and cohesive branding. Since this is a Learning Technology event, users are pretty enthusiastic about competing for points on the leaderboard, which adds a level of competition and playfulness to the conference that everyone benefits from.

Past DoubleDutch Event Apps for eLearning

This isn't The eLearning Guild's only event. They host four primary events per year - mLearnCon, devLearn, Learning Solutions, and the Performance Support Symposium. In fact, DoubleDutch has powered some of their events in the past!

Program Director for The eLearning Guild and avid tweeter, David Kelly, thinks DoubleDutch is "a leap forward for conference and event apps."

He wrote about the app for their last event, Learning Solutions, extensively on his personal blog here: #LSCon – Exploring the 2013 Learning Solutions Conference App.

We look forward to powering this event, and many more!

By DoubleDutch Insider | June 6, 2013

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