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Event Organizer Checklist: Increase ROI for Event Sponsors

We could write a blog post talking about how much the Global Financial Crisis has screwed with marketing and sponsorship budgets, but we think you're already well-aware of that fact. Instead, let's talk about how you can leverage data, analytics and event tech to secure sponsorship opportunities by helping them increase ROI during your next event.

There's lots that can be done with a branded application at your event. Eliminate paper event guides. Replace them with digital content. People-match based on interest. Increase engagement with game mechanics. The list. Goes. On.

Educate exhibitors on how they, too, can leverage the event app during your conference. By keeping track of the newsfeed within the app, exhibitors can engage attendees in real-time. Think about it. Attendees post about what's relevant to them during a conference. That means if they're sitting in a keynote and a topic sparks their interest, they're going to quote the presenter or pose a question to the community. If a sponsor's product offering can answer their need or speak to their interest, not engaging that attendee in a conversation means a lost opportunity.

Another great element to creating a digital content hub is the analytics that power it. When attendees check-in to exhibitor booths, leave comments about sponsors and more you can leverage that data to secure sponsorships in the future. Even more importantly you offer exhibitors a captive audience ready to engage with their brand. Once your event is complete and the dust has finally settled, be share your data with your sponsors. Include booth traffic, mentions in comments and more in your analytics dashboard. By offering as much data as possible, you'll help make their job easier when presenting results to management. Meaning more sponsorship dollars for next year.

There's lots of ways event sponsors can engage attendees using your mobile app, from running special promotions to getting attendee feedback on their product. For more ideas, check out our SlideShare presentation:

How are you helping your event sponsors increase ROI at your events?

By DoubleDutch Insider | 18 October, 2012

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