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Event Organizer Checklist: Leveraging the Big 3 Social Networks For Your Event

Leveraging social media during your event is a hot topic in the industry. We know to create hashtags and Facebook event pages, but how can we go beyond that to create truly unique content for attendees? Here's a fresh look at leveraging Google, Facebook and Twitter for your next event. Plus, a bonus network that we just can't get enough of.

1. Google: Yes, YouTube offers a live streaming service which has recently been gaining in popularity by event organizers and musicians like Madonna and, most recently, Jay-Z. Also not forgetting the greatness of Google+ Hangouts. Now, Google offers more than just live streaming options for event planners. With the introduction of Google Course Builder, event planners can repurpose content from their events and turn them into structured courses for event attendees. Naturally anything Google does is going to have major SEO benefits, meaning event coordinators who take advantage of the service early on will likely rank higher in search for competitive terms. That being said, Google Course-Builder is an experimental first-step for online education by Google and requires some extensive HTML and Java knowledge.

2. Facebook: Sure, you should create an event page on Facebook, but how can you increase engagement on Facebook during your event? Run micro-events for your Facebook community during the real event or even leading up to it. Using this strategy you create exclusive content for your community (which people love) but also expanding the reach of your event beyond just attendees and to their friends.

3. Twitter: You have every intention of creating a hashtag for your event, right? Now that you have one, how are you going to leverage it during the event? Twitterfall is a great, and easy way to curate conversations happening around your event, using the hashtag, for attendees to see and engage with easily. Customize the look and feel of your Twitterfall to match event branding. Take your hashtag to the next level with Earlier Hashtag Pages. We're not sure how Hashtag Pages, like this one for #Nascar, will roll out to the masses. But its purpose is clearly meant to benefit event organizers. Giving them an opportunity to curate content in an intuitive way for event attendees. Keep an eye out for more on Hashtag Pages in the coming months.

BONUS. It just wouldn't be fair to end this post without mentioning Livestream. With a Livestream account you get a fully customizable event page that can be branded as you wish. The service offers incredible reach across multiple platforms and devices from your website, to Facebook and Twitter. What's cool about Livestream is that it's built to suit any event planner's budget. For those with deep pockets, Livestream has a fully stocked store with all the AV gear you could possibly need. Strapped for cash? You can stream your event straight through your smartphone (iPhone & Android).

By DoubleDutch Insider | 11 October, 2012

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