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Exceed Association Expectations with 365-Day Engagement

Are you a part of an association looking to engage members on a 365-day basis?  Do you host an association event where attendance and engagement is extremely strong and then comes to a halt post-event?  Discover how a mobile app can help your association exceed the expectations of stakeholders, members and sponsors and become a tool used to connect year round.

Pre-Event Engagement

  • Content Generation: Struggling to decide which education content will be most valuable to members is always a challenge.  With a mobile app the opportunity to engage attendees in the content decisions can be as easy as asking the questions and allowing member to give their feedback within the app.  Listening to what is said can help the organizer make educated decisions on content that will be valuable to the audience.

  • Pre-Evaluation of Session Attendance: Once content and tracks have been chosen allowing members to add sessions to their agendas helps gauge interest.  By allowing this action the organizer gets insight into which sessions will receive high traffic volumes, which sessions might suffer and which are in need of some extra marketing support.

  • Pre-Event Interactions:  Members can use the mobile app to begin establishing conversations with each other and view event related content.  All actions that help to brew excitement for the event to come, as well as the association.

During Event

  • Event Engagement:  The organizer and the mobile app user both have the opportunity to foster thought-provoking conversations, member interactions and actions.  Encouraging members to check-in to sessions, leave comments and post pictures is a great way to facilitate relationships between members, speakers, sponsors and event attendees.

  • Real-Time Content:  One too many times has a session speaker promised to have the presentation emailed to listeners after the event with no follow through.  With a mobile app, real-time content and surveys are available to users on the spot.  They can access session content in the moment and even complete quick polls and surveys based on the sessions they are currently sitting in.  Organizers as a result receive instant, genuine feedback.

  • Lead Scanning:  Sponsors have the advantage of using the app as a lead scanning device, capturing the contact information of prospects, in turn making your event even more valuable for them.


  • Year-Round Engagement:  Event organizers have all seen engagement and excitement of attendees burn out after an event.  A mobile app can serve as a space for organizers to  continue posting content and related items members would appreciate.  Post-event the mobile app becomes a multi-way communication tool that encourages on-going participation in your association 365 days a year.

  • Data & Action Tracking:  Perhaps the most useful feature of a mobile app for organizers is the wealth of data collected.  All engagements and actions attendees take within the application (i.e.  checking in to sessions and speakers, bookmarking exhibitors and sponsors, participating in live-polling and in-app surveys) are collected for organizers to analyze, assess and plan for better results at the next event.

Interested in finding out more?  DoubleDutch will be at CalSAE’s Seasonal Spectacular on December 11th in Sacramento, the largest gathering of association professionals and industry suppliers on the west coast.  Stop by booth 703 to get a one-on-one demonstration of our mobile application.

Not attending the event? Request a demo today.

By DoubleDutch Insider | December 9, 2013

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